22 November 1958: Tracing the career of Thomas Cook: from his devotion to temperance work to his foundation of the company that would become the largest travel company in the world

Few people in these sophisticated times would claim for travel all the virtues once believed to be inherent in it. But it remains, for those who have the leisure and money, a fine way of putting in the time. To-day it is a primary source of income for so many countries that it is hard to imagine what they did before Thomas Cook came on the scene.

Cook, who was born 150 years ago to-day, was not content to be merely the father of modern tourism: he was a newspaper reporter as well. During his tours, when he was ever on the look-out for cheaper transport, better accommodation, and “points of interest,” he sent to some local papers in Leicester and to the “Times” assorted letters to the editor, and even a few commissioned articles, describing the scenic wonders along the route.

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Source: Gaurdian

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