Downtown New York has sights galore but the city’s expanded ferry service offers a more relaxed way to see its less famous neighbourhoods – and fabulous views back to Manhattan

There are a lot of sights to tick off on a visit to New York City. Lots of tall buildings, lots of parks … and lots of people at all of them. But if you have seen the well-trodden attractions, it can be fun to find a more authentic side to the city. And this has become easier since the city expanded its ferry service.

Two new routes, linking neighbourhoods such as Astoria in Queens and Red Hook in Brooklyn, were added in 2017, and two more will be added in 2018 (see map of ferry network here). For just $2.75, the ferry is a far more picturesque and less claustrophobic way to travel than the subway, and goes to places that otherwise might be overlooked.

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Source: Gaurdian

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