White sand, turtles, coral and rainforest-shrouded hills … our tipsters have sailed to far-flung archipelagos from Panama to the South China Sea

Comprising 365 islands in the Caribbean Sea, the San Blas archipelago is inhabited by the Kuna people, and has avoided mass tourism. The islands are blessed with eco-friendly accommodation and unspoilt nature. I would recommend a visit to the Cayos Limones chain – with clear waters and white sands. There are also shipwrecks that make for excellent snorkelling, and the local food is a treat. Reaching the islands takes about a day from Panama City and involves a scenic three-hour 4WD drive to Carti Suitipo, or Garti Tupile through rainforests and mountains. The water taxi, operated by the Kuna, costs between $15 and $25, depending which island you visit.

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Source: Gaurdian

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