The second leg of our Scandi tour visits the forests, castles and beaches of north Sealand, including a new national park, following in the footsteps of real and fictional characters

Scandi tour: part one

I get off the train in Snekkersten, a small coastal town 50km north of Copenhagen. The conductor has already warned me there will be nothing open: no food, no drink, no taxis. She is right. It is late at night. Really late. Close to midnight. I walk past the sleeping houses and along the beach. It is quiet down there. At my hotel, the Villa Brinkly, I find my room key inside an envelope pinned to the front door. A bicycle is waiting for me out there too, the key securely stored – in the bike’s lock.

Denmark is a safe country, consistently in the world’s top 10, with high levels of trust, rather than suspicion. It’s amazing how quickly you can relax into that – and wish the whole planet could be the same.

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