A woman on the flight looked horrified when the comedian outlined his holiday plans. Were her fears justified?

I think the first time I became concerned about my trip to Haiti was on the connecting flight from Miami. A woman on the plane, who I assume had spotted I was an outsider, asked me why I was going there. I have learned not to say that I’m doing a TV show, because that immediately leads to more questions than you get at immigration control, so I told her it was for a holiday. At that point, she became extremely animated, asking me if I knew how dangerous it was.

I was with one of the producers of my new show, in which I go on holiday to places I wouldn’t usually visit. Just as we were beginning to feel genuine concern for our own wellbeing, the woman asked where we were staying and, on hearing the answer, looked horrified. She told us not to leave the hotel grounds after dark. I didn’t know what I was more frightened of: Haiti or this woman.

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Source: Gaurdian

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