Fashion, nightlife and the arts are flourishing in Georgia’s capital, with the seeds of creativity sown by a growing number of young artists and collectives eager to shake up the system

On the top floor of Tbilisi’s National Scientific Library, I’m watching models stream into a small atrium flooded with light. In this 1940s building, peppered with wooden filing cabinets, bookcases and tropical plants, they are showcasing the new collection by homegrown designer Gola Damian. They walk out in a fusion of clubwear and vintage, class and trash, cowboy boots and boys with T-shirts tucked into skirts with the words “Techno aerobics” emblazoned across their chests.

The look packs a punch and also feels like an embodiment of what makes Tbilisi so appealing right now: a city having a creative renaissance driven by clubs and fashion, and navigating a new identity for itself in the process.

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Source: Gaurdian

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