To understand this anarchically alive metropolis it’s best to visit its disparate neighbourhoods, which tell their own stories and where great food, art and culture await

After the earthquakes in September 2017, Aida Mulato – who founded Jóvenes Artesanos (Young Artists) to educate Mexicans about their indigenous cultures – turned to graffiti artists to help reconstruct her Roma neighbourhood. The colourful murals celebrate indigenous communities and women, who continue to suffer most from the earthquakes. The project supports the larger goals of Jóvenes Artesanos and gives various support to about 150 artisans with whom Mulato works. With 15 murals painted already, the goal is to create a circuit of 68, representing the country’s indigenous populations. Private tours can be arranged directly, and there is also an appointment-only shop featuring exquisite hand-made textiles.
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