The party never stops on these midnight sun and twilight jaunts from Russia to Alaska. And neither do the hikes, wildlife encounters and saunas in the gloaming

Birsay, on the mainland of Orkney, where the Atlantic and North Seas meet, is brilliant for a white-night walk. Start at Longagleeb, an impressive geo (long cleft in the cliffs) and experience stunning sunsets at about 10.30pm at the moment (and sunrise at 4am), and beautiful seascapes. Here, you’ll see the puffins, Arctic terns and eider ducks which are prolific at this time of year, and watch out for the huge Arctic skuas that will swoop towards you if you walk near their nests. After passing the Birsay whalebone, erected in 1876 by local fishermen using the remains of a beached whale, cross the causeway to the Brough of Birsay. This is a now uninhabited tidal island where visitors can explore dark ages Pictish and Norse settlements. Up ahead the light from one of the Stevenson family lighthouses sweeps out across the ocean. This is Orkney at its most splendid and diverse. Wild camp if you want to, there’s plenty of secluded pitches, or self-cater in luxury at Grukalty (from £600 in June, sleeps six) in Birsay, with its hot tub and sauna, and uninterrupted views out to sea.

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Source: Gaurdian

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