From the windswept Outer Hebrides to exotic Japanese archipelagos, our tipsters have explored some of the world’s most unique islands on foot, by bike and kayak

Take a combined bus and ferry trip from Husum (€22.50 return) to Pellworm in the North Frisians. Start with a coffee and a cake at Cornilsen Café then rent a bike for about €7 and explore this flat – but windswept – island. The charm lies in exploring lanes lined with thatched cottages painted in traditional dark green as well as its picturesque stripy lighthouse. Don’t expect to hear English voices here: it is remote and relatively unknown, but you’ll often be greeted by a cheery “Moin, moin” – the locals’ hello. A cycle ride into the headwind demands some effort, but however buffeted I felt, I left my day trip with an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation.

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Source: Gaurdian

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