Manage SMS Marketing from Your Landline with the Zipwhip Desktop App

Considering how popular and efficient texting is, it is surprising there haven’t been more desktop apps for businesses. But according to Zipwhip, it is the first company to introduce a texting-for-business desktop app.

For small businesses looking to improve the engagement rate with their customers, the desktop app is going to be amazing. The notification delivery, user workflow, and overall performance will see dramatic improvement.

Once it is fully integrated, your staff will get notifications on their desktops and they will be able to answer right away. This will improve your customer service, experience, and engagement because you won’t miss a customer message.

The co-founder and CEO of Zipwhip, John Lauer, further explained what this will mean for businesses in the press release. Lauer says, “For employees who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, the desktop app provides the fastest, easiest and most convenient texting experience. Adding, “Zipwhip users no longer need to dig through a sea of open web pages or worry about missing a message.”


Zipwhip Desktop App Features

The Zipwhip desktop application gives you the same full functionality and experience of the web-based product. It works along with Zipwhip’s web app, mobile apps and browser extensions. This lets you answer your messages no matter what device you are using.

Available for both Windows and Mac, it is installed on the user’s operating system. And once it is installed, it will launch on to the taskbar when you turn your computer on. This means you don’t have to login every time you turn your computer on. After that, you will receive a notification anytime someone sends a text message.

Zipwhip is also Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 1 certified. After successfully passing the examination, the platform can ensure its information-security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 standards for security.

Benefits of Texting, Especially for Small Businesses

Texting is especially beneficial to small businesses because of the cost and reach it provides. The price of an SMS message can be lower than a penny depending on volume and the provider. And since it has one of the fastest and best open rates, it is a win-win.

While email has an open rate of around 20%, text messaging is almost five times better at 98%. When it comes to response time, customers respond within the first three minutes of delivery. It goes all the way up to almost 90 minutes for emails.

And if a business offers SMS capability to its customers, 58% say they have a better outlook about the organization.

Whether it is sending appointment reminders, a special promotion, responding to requests, or sending a thank you, SMS works quickly and efficiently.

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