Womply Bills

Womply, a local commerce platform to help small businesses grow, has launched Womply Bills. The new feature enables business owners to pay any bill effortlessly via a credit card.

With Womply Bills, businesses can use any US-based credit card to pay virtually any company in America. Expenses can be paid even if the recipient doesn’t accept credit cards.

Womply Bills

Research shows that 97% of businesses still use checks to pay bills. Cashflow has long been a burden of small businesses, hindering business continuity and growth. With the problems the current health crisis has created, cash flow is proving an even bigger burden to small businesses.

Making Bill Paying More Efficient

Womply Bills is designed to make paying expenses less costly, burdensome and time consuming. By simplifying the expenses paying process, small businesses can manage cashflow better. With improved cashflow management, small businesses are less likely to run into issues related to revenue stream.

Toby Scammell, founder of Womply, comments on how the credit card payment feature can assist small businesses:

“Despite the cost and grief, companies still have to use paper checks to pay their bills. But, it doesn’t have to be so expensive, cumbersome, or time consuming. Womply Bills alleviates these pain points with an elegant solution that’s simple to use and benefits the business owner.

“Now, businesses can extend their cash, avoid costly cash advances, and better budget for expenses, all while saving time, gaining flexibility on due dates, and racking up credit card rewards, points, and cash back.”

Paying Every Expense with Womply Bills

From the rent on premises to utilities and taxes, practically every bill can be paid via Womply Bills. The process involves a business signing up to use the feature. They add their credit card, identify who they are paying, the payment amount and when it should be sent. Womply then charges the credit card. A fee of 3% is added on top of the payment. This can however be offset by the 1.5% – 5% cashback many business credit cards offer. Womply then sends the payment to the recipient, which is tracked end-to-end and delivered within seven working days.

Overcoming COVID-19 Hurdles

Many small businesses have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. During these difficult times, the need for quick, efficient, and stress-free payments is more important than ever. Paper checks have long been considered a cumbersome way of making payments. Despite this, a staggering amount of small businesses still rely on them. Womply Bills is designed to eliminate the pain points associated with paying expenses by paper checks. Consequently, businesses can enjoy more seamless payment processing during challenging times.


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