Using AI to Sell: Why Machines, Not Marketers are Getting Your Customers to Buy More

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already hard at work affecting every consumer’s daily choices. Sophisticated AI algorithms are constantly scraping, logging and cross-referencing. As a result, they can use this data to figure out the best ways to exploit their emotional hot buttons.  And all this happens in fractions of a second. This may alarm you as a consumer. But it’s different if you own a small business? For example, you probably want to know how to use AI’s indispensable and persuasive power to increase your sales!

Using AI to Sell

On this week’s Small Business Radio Show, we hear from William Ammerman? Ammerman authored The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age Of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning. He explains how machines — not marketers — have become the ultimate arbiters. As a result, they are designing and implementing customized tactics that prod customers to buy.

“We have moved from an age of seducing consumers to seducing algorithms,” said Ammerman. “Recommendations engines are telling us what to think and buy. They have become the middleman in the entire transaction.”

William believes many small business owners are suffering from future shock. As a result, they risk getting left behind. Consider all the new technologies. For example, pay attention to the voice-based interfaces consumers now use to purchase. “New psychotechnology combines personalized messaging, humanlike conversations, and machine learning to mold and reshape our behaviors,” he said. “Voice technology and natural language processing create an emotional connection that makes us more vulnerable to persuasion. This represents a huge opportunity for marketers.”

William recommends that small business owners use voice interface to talk to prospects right now.  As a result, you should think about how consumers can buy your product with voice enabled technologies. And consider which assistant they are using. For example, William believes that all small business owners need to check out how they can use Alexa Skills as a marketing tool for their company.

Since customers are now expecting a more personalized experience, companies should analyze all the data that is collected. William warns that every business must be transparent on how they are using the data and make sure the customer knows they are trading it for a better experience.

Listen to the entire interview on the Small Business Radio Show.


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