Running a small business in a digital ecosystem also requires being media savvy. And this means being able to communicate effectively, which entails having the right tools. The best computer microphones for small business use on this list will provide high-quality sound that will let everyone hear what you are saying clearly.

This is not to say the microphones that come with desktops, laptops, tablets, or even smartphones are bad. But it is safe to say they don’t deliver the highest quality audio. Especially if you are outdoors, in a big space, or have bad internet connectivity. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a studio-grade professional microphone setup.

At the end of the day, you want what you say to be heard as clearly as possible at the end of the day. And if you want to sound professional, you will need an external microphone. Take a look at the best microphones for computers on our list for your following small business conversation.

Benefits of Using a Computer Microphone in Business

Are you a podcaster or a Youtube influencer? Then you should know the benefits of owning a computer microphone.

  • Creating YouTube training videos.
  • Attending customer reviews via calls.
  • Listening to video recordings and voice recordings.
  • Video conferencing meetings.

YouTube Training Videos

You can use your computer microphones  to listen to YouTube videos that generally revolve around your business and easily note down specific things that will enable you to grow in your business.

Attending to Customer Reviews

Your salesperson can attend to customer complaints and reviews by using a computer microphone. This will let your salesman focus fully on your customers and hear your customers complaints audibly well without background noise interference.

Video Recordings and Voice Recordings

Some microphones come with a recording voice feature. This feature allows you to record voices of callers to use as reference later. You can also listen to music recording while working on other stuff.

Video Conferencing Meetings

You can make things easier for yourself by using your microphone to attend meetings online via zoom or any other video conferencing platform.

However, a typical microphone is better than a PC microphone because the microphone transmits the sound through a speaker.

Best Computer Microphones for Small Business Use

Running a small business in the digital ecosystem requires using media to your advantage. The best computer microphone for small business use on this list will provide high-quality sound that will let everyone hear what you’re saying clearly, even while moving around your workspace. These mics also have multiple functions and accessories designed with different purposes in mind, so you’ll be able to learn new strategies for getting work done and communicating effectively.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC, Mac

Best Mic for PC: The Yet is a multi-pattern USB microphone that combines three capsules and four different pattern settings. This mic can capture sounds in cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional patterns. You can use it on everything from conference calls to podcasts and recordings.

It uses a high-quality A-D converter, a built-in headphone amplifier for zero-latency monitoring, and direct controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and microphone gain. And you get all these features without installing a driver, plug it in your computer to use it.

The mic is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 (including 8.1), and Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher). It delivers a bit depth/sample rate of 16-bit/48kHz, frequency response of 20Hz k-20kHz, max SPL of 120dB.

This microphone is 4.9 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches, weighs 1.2 lbs. (the stand is 2.2 lbs.), and you get a 2-year Limited Warranty.

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC/Mac

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Apogee Hype Mic


Runner Up: HypeMiC balances audio dynamics to deliver broadcast-ready output with great clarity. Its premium cardioid condenser capsule provides sound quality up to 24-bit/96kHz. And the headphone output offers zero-latency recording. The mic comes with a tripod, pop filter, and carrying case, and it uses lightning USB (Type-C) and USB (Type-A) to hook up to your computer.

HypeMiC is compatible with any Mac/PC and iOS app that allows you to select an audio device. The mic is 4.88 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs 7.2 ounces.

Apogee Hype Mic – USB Microphone with Analog Compression for Capturing Vocals and Instruments

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Samson G-Track Pro Microphone

Samson Technologies Samson G-Track Pro

Best Value: This mic from Samson is an all-in-one professional USB microphone with an audio interface delivering 24-bit, 96kHz. You get a front panel mixer with microphone level, instrument level, and headphone volume controls on the mic. You can also select Mono or 2-Track recording modes and Direct Monitor on/off.

Two 1? (25mm) condenser capsules provide three selectable pickup patterns – cardioid (unidirectional), bidirectional, and omnidirectional (can capture more than one voice). This gives this mic frequency response rate of 50Hz–20kHz.

The microphone is made with die-cast zinc construction, a heavy gauge mesh grille, and an integrated desktop base. It is 11 x 6 x 6 inches and weighs 3.72 pounds.

Samson Technologies Samson G-Track Pro Professional USB Condenser Microphone

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HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Microphone

HyperX QuadCast - USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

The HyperX QuasCast is a standalone condenser mic with quality sound. On the mic, you can choose between the four polar patterns. It also lets you adjust the sensitivity by using the gain control knob. And when it comes to muting the mic, an ingenious sensor on top cuts the sound off with a simple tap.

An anti-vibration shock mount helps reduce the sound of any movements, and a built-in pop filter also reduces muffles or popping noises. The mic has a sample/bit rate of 48Hz/16-bit, frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz, and sensitivity at -36dB (1V/Pa at 1kHz).

You can plug this mic into a PC, PS4 and 5, or Mac with a USB cable. At ? 5.05 x 4 x 9.8 inches, the mic weighs 1.6 pounds with the shock mount and stand.

HyperX QuadCast – USB Condenser Gaming Microphone

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Rode NT-USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Rode is a widely used microphone by podcasters, vloggers, and musicians. The NT-USB is a side-address microphone ideal for everything from spoken application to musical recordings. A premium pop-filter that minimizes plosives during speech or singing is included, along with a stand mount with industry-standard 3/8? thread.

The NT-USB has a cardioid pickup pattern with a 16-bit resolution, a frequency range of 20Hz – 20kHz, and a maximum SPL of 110dB.

This mic is fully compatible with all mainstream recording applications on Windows and Mac OS-based computers. This mic is 2.44 x 1.97 x 7.24 inches and weighs 1.15 pounds.

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone




The AT2020USB+ is a cardioid condenser mic with a USB output. It has an A/D converter with a 16-bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate to deliver accurate sound reproduction. This microphone comes with unique features specifically made for it unlike other USB microphones. The mix controls on the mic let you blend your microphone signal and pre-recorded audio. And you can monitor the mic signal from the headphone jack volume control with no delay.

With this mic, you get frequency response rates of 20- 20,000Hz,

This mic is 6.38 x 2.05 x 2.05 inches and weighs 2.6 pounds.

Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

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Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

A portable microphone allows you to generate a quality sound outside of your office and enhances sound quality. The Samson Go Mic Compact USB mic has a fold-up design for professional recordings anywhere you go. This mic has cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns which filters background noise and lets you hear just your audio sounds.

The plug-and-play operation makes it compatible with a Mac or PC laptop. The frequency response is 20Hz–18kHz with a 16-bit, 44.1kHz resolution.

This mic is 6 x 1 x 5 inches and weighs 8 ounces.

Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

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JOUNIVO USB Recording Microphone

USB Recording Microphone, Computer PC Podcast Condenser Cardioid Mic with Mute Button & LED Indicator for Laptop

This Jounivo USB recording microphone is an ideal desktop microphone for speech recognition, gaming, streaming, recording and wireless applications. The microphone features a 360-degree flexible gooseneck for obtaining the perfect voice pickup angle. It includes a mute switch with LED indicator for clear indication of the computer microphone status. Additionally, a desktop base ensures firm support for the long gooseneck. This professional plug & play USB PC microphone is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac and PS4 systems.

USB Recording Microphone, Computer PC Podcast Condenser Cardioid Mic

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Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic Microphone

Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic Microphone

Capture clean audio when recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, home movies, and more with the AmazonBasics Desktop Mini Condenser Microphone. This mic features two condenser capsules for selecting between cardioid and omnidirectional pick-up patterns. Omnidirectional is great for multi person interviews and group settings; cardioid is best for podcasts or music recordings. A volume control knob on the mic lets you adjust levels while wearing headphones. An integrated headphone amplifier allows you to monitor your recording in real time with zero latency; a microphone mute button enables quick sound checks.

Amazon Basics Desktop Mini Condenser Mic Microphone

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Elgato Wave:3 Premium USB Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer for Streaming, Recording, Podcasting

Elgato Wave, 3 Premium USB Condenser Microphone

Capture your words with precision when you stream with the Elgato Wave: 3 Premium USB Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer. Easily control your audio and use the Elgato Wave: 3 with up to seven other audio sources, plus create two independent mixes. The Elgato Wave: 3’s condenser capsule offers a tight cardioid polar pattern that captures speech with precision, ensuring every word is heard in crystal clear quality. Simply connect the microphone to any Mac, PC or another digital device via a USB port for quick plug and play installation.

Elgato Wave:3 Premium USB Condenser Microphone

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Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone with USB and Lightning Cables

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone with USB and Lightning Cables

The MOTIV MV5 Digital condenser microphone delivers convenient,high-quality plug and play audio capture for Mac,PC,iPhone,iPod,and iPad devices. Featuring three onboard DSP presets (Vocals,Flat,Instrument) that ensure optimal settings for capturing virtually any sound source. Ideal for everything from music to podcasting to audio for desktop video chats. The MV5 also includes an integrated headphone output for real time monitoring. Tested to the same rigorous quality standards as all Shure products,a low-profile,retro-inspired industrial design is optimized for portable applications and comes in a choice of colors.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone with USB and Lightning Cables

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What to Look for in a PC Microphone

There are many technical aspects to choosing the right mic. These are some of the more important features you need to look out for.

  • Compatibility: Make sure the microphone you choose is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, or your smartphone operating system.
  • Connectivity: You need to ensure the mic plugs in directly to the USB port without additional software or drive. Professional-grade mics will require other tools to make them work.
  • Pop Filters: The more you talk on a microphone, the more you will appreciate a pop filter. In addition to reducing the popping noises when you speak, it will also protect your microphone from saliva.
  • Tripod Stand: If you are in a long meeting or a podcast, a mic stand will make it much easier to carry your conversation.
  • Headphones: The ability to plug in a headphone is a good option, even though computers already have a headphone jack.
  • Volume or Mute Button: Having an easy way to adjust and control your microphone’s output quickly is important. Whether you want to mute or increase the volume.
  • Power: If you are going to use your mic on a laptop or other portable device, you have to make sure it doesn’t draw too much power. If this is the case, you will have to provide additional power with a USB hub.
  • Sensitivity: This is the lowest level of decibels at which a microphone can pick up sound. The more sensitive a mic is, the lower sounds you can hear through the microphone.
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): The SPL tells you the maximum level of decibels a mic can pick up without any distortion in the sound.
  • Size: There are four different diaphragm sizes available for measurement microphones: 1″, ½”, ¼” and 1/8″. Each size has its own set of pros and cons, so it is important to analyze your needs and your preferences. Most general applications need ½” diaphragm measurement microphones, which are just compact microphones.

Types of Microphones for Computers

There are several options for the type of microphones you can get for your computer. However, for the vast majority of small business use cases, you only need to know about a couple of them.

Condenser Microphones

A condenser microphone is also called an electrostatic or capacitor mics. It works by condensing the vibrations of sound waves in the main body, which acts as a plate. This produces changes in the variation in the distance between the body and the plate of the microphone.

You can find condenser mics in studios as they do a great job of reproducing voices and instruments. These microphones have more of a studio feel, delivering clear and crisp vocals.

Dynamic Microphones

A dynamic microphone, also known as magneto-dynamic microphones, works through electromagnetic induction and they don’t pick up background noise. These microphones are more rugged, moisture resistant, and considerably cheaper. The sound quality is not as high as a condenser mic, but if you are going to be outdoors, it is the right microphone.

USB Microphones

A USB mic is a digital mic and works exactly like any other USB device that connects directly into the USB port of your computer.

XLR Mics

An XLR mic is an analogue microphone and is connected to a recording device or mixer via an XLR cable.

PC Microphone Directionality

The polar pattern or directionality lets you know how well a microphone can pick up and differentiate sound from different directions around its central axis. Omnidirectional mics capture sound from 360-degree or all around, bidirectional receives sound from the front and back, and unidirectional captures sound coming from one direction.

The Right PC Mic

The world of microphones can get extremely complicated really fast. If you are a small business looking to just have good quality sound, the computer microphones on this list are more than adequate, and they will work with your computer or tablet.

Don’t think you have to pay a lot of money to achieve quality sound, especially if you are just having conversations.

How to Use a Mic on Your Computer

Audio inputs are a key component of computer microphones, which can be used for more than just recording. By learning how to hook up your computer’s audio inputs, you can start recording at any time, regardless of whether you have basic computer microphones or more professional XLR-type mics.

Step 1

Examine the port on your microphone. Basic computer mics usually have two types of ports: an XLR port or a USB port. The XLR port is larger and resembles a headphone jack, and the USB port is flat and rectangular. Both types of ports usually connect to corresponding internal components in the computer.

Step 2

Look for the microphone port on your computer. The microphone port is often located near the headphone jack, with a similar shape and appearance. This may not be the case with newer laptops and ultrabooks, however. Laptops typically have a small microphone built into the frame or casing of the device, so you will have to check your manual to find its location.

Step 3

Make sure your microphone is properly installed and that it’s showing up in your operating system’s volume settings. Once you’re sure it’s working, open the recording software of your choice and test out your microphone. You should be able to adjust the levels on your computer screen if you need to.

Which computer microphones are compatible with USB audio interface?

Turn your home or office into a professional recording studio with these USB microphones and audio interfaces. Their low-noise preamps, high-quality A/D converters, and plug-and-play compatibility allow you to record on your computer with minimal cost and effort. They’re compatible with most digital audio workstations, allowing you to use the mic of your choice for any project.

Given below is bulleted list of the microphones that are compatible with a USB interface:

  • FiFine K669B
  • Mackie EleMent EM91CU
  • Audio Technica AT2005USB
  • ElGato Wave 3
  • Samson Q9u
  • Samson G-Track PRO
  • Rode NT USB Mini
  • Earthworks Icon USB

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