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If your small business site is through, a new line of Pro-level services is now available. The new services will give you a nice website and effective SEO, even if your budget is tight. And best of all, you do not have to be an expert to use them and optimize your small business website. Pro Website and Pro SEO Services just rolled out the following services it geared to give small business sites a more professional feel with more professional results:

  • Pro Website
  • Pro SEO Services

Right now, Pro Website and Pro SEO are only available to customers but they will soon be accessible for Network Solutions and customers, too.

In the release, Sharon Rowlands, CEO and president, Group, says “By delivering a truly differentiated Pro Website and Pro SEO offering, we can help our customers accelerate their business and succeed online.”

Pro Website

Pro Website or as the company calls it, “The Art of Perfection” will give you a perfectly designed website. It will support your business journey while meeting the needs of your customers. How will it do that?

First, you will know exactly what you will pay because you get accurate quotes and completion time estimates. If you know what to expect and when you can better plan your launch date. Beyond that, the website you order is fully customized to the unique needs of your business.

You also get Pro Online Store, a service for building an eCommerce store. And Pro One Time Support / Pro Website Support Subscription for additional help.

Pro SEO Services

Do you find the world of SEO a bit daunting? You are not alone. Pro SEO Services will increase the visibility and exposure of your business with the SEO specialists on Group’s Online Marketing Team. They specialize in SEO, Social Media, and Pay Per Click and they will be on hand to support you.

With the Pro SEO Service you will get Pro Business Directory, Pro SEO Action Plan, Pro SEO Content, Pro On Page SEO, and Pro Off Page SEO.

Find more about Pro Website and Pro SEO Services.


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