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Visa have announced a plan to use their partnership with the NFL partnership to help small businesses ahead of the Super Bowl.

Visa Waiving Fees on Authorize.Net for Small Businesses During Super Bowl Promotion

They will be waiving fees for Authorize.Net – Visa’s third-party payment platform for small business – over the Super Bowl Weekend. The offer has been valued at $10,000 per business for new businesses signing-up on either February 12 or 13, plus they can also benefit from not paying the usual monthly gateway fee for the life of an account.

Visa Offer for New Start-Ups During Super Bowl Weekend

Visa are waiving the transactional fees for new customer’s first 100,000 transactions, so long as they have signed-up over the Super Bowl weekend. These savings could be crucial for a lot of businesses, allowing them to invest those saved fees back into their company.

The credit card giant hopes the waived Visa fees will help new start-ups to integrate new payment acceptance technology or expand their physical presence. They will also be able to use the saved fees on the likes of marketing and advertisements.

Visa Providing a ‘Valuable Opportunity’

Completing his rotation on the Visa Business Solutions and Small Business & Advocacy team, Cameron Lynch said of the offer: “Visa provides an incredibly valuable opportunity to help workhorse athletes like myself to transition to a different kind of grind: in the modern-day workforce. I’ve been inspired by the commitment my Visa colleagues have invested in helping me begin my next chapter, so my goal is to help springboard the next generation of incoming athletes as they look to unlock their dreams through business.”

Former Chicago Bears Super Bowl veteran Copeland Bryan also praised the Visa offer, citing his own experience as a startup investor and founder. Bryan said: “At some point in every athlete’s life you face a crisis of identity – the thing you have spent a lifetime building and centering your life around will be gone. This program provides you an opportunity to learn and acclimate to a new reality. It’s a great option for almost any pro athlete at any level, top dog to benchwarmer.”

Visa’s NFL Business Development Program

The NFL Business Development Program launched last year to help NFL players transition to post-football careers. Associates pursue a two-year rotation — spending six months in four different Visa business units to hone their talents, potential and unique leadership skillset in a business setting.

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