Upwork has announced the expansion of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) services as the technology continues to increase in adoption. This expansion is set to solidify Upwork’s position as the leading destination for businesses to connect with reliable AI talent and solutions. Additionally, it opens up a range of AI work opportunities for skilled professionals.

The highlight of this expansion is the AI Services hub. This innovative addition to Upwork aims to create a seamless interaction between companies and top independent AI professionals worldwide. This move is anticipated to give small businesses more accessible access to AI expertise, a critical aspect that could propel them toward increased growth and competitiveness.

Upwork’s partnership with Jasper, a generative AI content generation pioneer, supports this expansion. This collaboration will provide Upwork’s talent base with modern generative AI tools to drive productivity and work quality.

“Disruptive technology and platform shifts create new opportunities. We recognize generative AI will be a force-multiplier for both talent and businesses of all sizes that rely on our platform,” said Dave Bottoms, General Manager and VP of Product for the Upwork Marketplace. His statement emphasizes the potential AI holds for small businesses, leveling the playing field and enabling them to harness innovation for their growth.

Upwork’s expansion comes on the heels of a 450% increase in weekly job posts related to generative AI as compared to last year. The AI Services hub is a strategic response to this surge in demand, offering a centralized destination for AI-related work, skills, and tools.

The new platform also offers multiple AI-enhanced features, such as an AI-powered job post generator and a streamlined chat experience to help businesses new to Upwork navigate the platform and start their talent search more effectively. Other notable features include proposal tips for freelancers to enhance their proposals and win more work and extensive resources on AI integration into business operations.

Upwork’s commitment to driving AI adoption extends to a 30-day free trial of Jasper’s generative AI services for copywriting, marketing, and image creation for all talents on Upwork. This move is set to enable freelancers to boost their productivity, communicate more effectively with clients, and enhance the quality of their work.

Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Jasper, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to be entering into this partnership, which puts our generative AI tools in the hands of an enormous pool of skilled and talented professionals on Upwork.”

This landmark expansion by Upwork offers small businesses an unmatched opportunity to harness the power of AI. Whether they’re looking for ways to streamline their operations, seeking out AI expertise, or hoping to tap into the potential of generative AI to solve business challenges, Upwork’s expanded platform provides the resources they need. This move represents a significant stride in making cutting-edge technology more accessible, thereby empowering small businesses to realize their full potential in the competitive business landscape.

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