Trustpilot has unveiled its 360-degree customer review offering allowing businesses to collect, manage, showcase, and reply to reviews for each of their business locations. The location-specific reviews are designed to help brick-and-mortar stores with multiple locations, franchises, and multi-branch businesses to manage their customer services.

The recent launch of the 360-degree customer review platform is one of the products the company has recently launched as part of its review product line.

TrustPilot Location Reviews

“Businesses can now more precisely measure customer satisfaction at individual stores and branches and can use their findings to help improve those experiences. The world will soon re-open again and when it does, businesses with multiple storefronts will be ready to provide consistent quality experiences at each location”, said Ramin Vatanparast, Chief Product Officer at Trustpilot.

Trustpilot’s latest offering comes through its partnership with Uberall. According to the two companies over 90% of customers check reviews online in search of local stores. Indicating the need for businesses to take customer experience as a key pillar in their operations.

“There is no reason why businesses should not take full advantage of this opportunity. Either to stand out in local search or showcase their presence on other digital platforms, multi-location businesses can expand their reputation and create a long-lasting relationship with the right customers”, said Liz Sinclair, Uberall’s Product Partnerships Lead.

How it Works

The location reviews come with a local Trustpilot profile pages that are SEO-optimized to help consumers discover companies in their vicinity. With the new solutions, businesses can carry out store performance analysis to compare how different locations perform in key areas. These may include cleanliness, management, product availability or other customer satisfaction metrics.

Through the use of TrustBoxes in each individual location, businesses can build credibility and boost conversion rates. To cap it off, the new solution comes with email and newsletter signatures filtered by location.

Trustpilot boasts of 20 different TrustBoxes offering a wide range of styles and designs. The TrustBox widget is placed into the HTML code of the businesses’ website. This will help it to display the total number of reviews, and snippets of review content in real-time – all in different variations, depending on the TrustBox selected.

Trustpilot’s standard plan starts with a monthly subscription of $199. This allows businesses to send up to 500 emails a month; showcase reviews in eight Trustboxes; get customer analysis and insights; and get Google seller rating.

Trustpilot offers more than 77 million reviews of over 344,000 domains on its platform. They average over three billion review impressions every month.

The Value of Reviews in an Online World

Online reviews are the modern-day word of mouth for customers to share their buying experiences with fellow customers. With the proliferation of easier access to the internet Customer 2 Customer (C2C) interactions are on the rise.

In fact, more people are relying on reviews to help inform their buying decisions. A review by a fellow customer will provide more insights from the perspective of customers and will often be received as genuine. Some 63.6% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a business.

Not only are reviews helpful for customers but also for businesses as well. Reviews by customers will provide businesses with insights on where they can improve. By capturing and enhancing customer experiences businesses can guarantee their competitiveness and profitability.

Customer reviewers are essentially business barometers to quickly tell whether their offerings are getting the right attention from their customers. The logic is simple; if your reputation takes a big enough hit your sales will also see the damage.

Besides gaging customers’ reviews businesses will need to be proactive and look towards responding to these reviews. You can use the feedback you collect to train your staff and fine-tune the services you provide. In turn, they will help build trust among past customers. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to responding to customer concerns.

By taking the time to acknowledge a customer’s problem and attempting to resolve the issue shows the commitment a business has toward the satisfaction of its customers.

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