Top BBQ Franchise Choices In the USA

Barbecue used to be mostly a southern delicacy, but today it is spreading across the United States especially in the south and even in Canada. Style variations like Kansas City BBQ, Memphis barbecue and North Carolina style are probably best known and have moved beyond regional roots while gaining broader followings. So it’s no surprise that a BBQ franchise is a growing option as a new business opportunity.

While there are plenty of mom-and-pop barbecue joints, barbecue franchises are still considered a niche, albeit a growing niche in restaurants. The combination of meats grilled over a slow fire along with rubs and sauces containing complex favors, can prove irresistible to diners and business owners alike. Enterprising entrepreneurs will seek to leverage the food’s growing popularity and choose it for their restaurant franchise.

Choosing the Perfect BBQ Franchise: Our Methodology

When curating our list of top BBQ franchise opportunities, we use the following criteria, rated on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 indicates the highest importance and 1 the lowest.

  1. Market Demand and Brand Recognition
    • Importance Scale: 9/10
    • Rationale: We prioritize franchises with strong market demand and brand recognition, as these factors significantly impact the potential for success.
  2. Initial Investment and Franchise Fees
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: The cost of entry is a crucial consideration. We look for opportunities with a reasonable balance between initial investment and potential return.
  3. Support and Training
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: Franchises that offer comprehensive support and training score higher, as this aids franchisees in successfully launching and operating their businesses.
  4. Profitability and Financial Performance
    • Importance Scale: 9/10
    • Rationale: The financial track record of the franchise is critically evaluated, as it indicates the potential profitability for franchisees.
  5. Growth Potential and Expansion Opportunities
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: We assess the scalability and growth potential of the franchise, which is key for long-term success.
  6. Franchisee Satisfaction and Reviews
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: Positive feedback and high satisfaction levels among existing franchisees are important indicators of a franchise’s overall health and management.
  7. Quality of Products and Services
    • Importance Scale: 8/10
    • Rationale: The quality of the BBQ offerings is crucial, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  8. Location and Territory Rights
    • Importance Scale: 6/10
    • Rationale: The availability of desirable locations and clear territory rights are factors that can influence a franchisee’s decision.
  9. Marketing and Branding Support
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: Strong marketing and branding support from the franchisor can significantly impact the success of individual franchisees.
  10. Legal and Compliance Aspects
    • Importance Scale: 7/10
    • Rationale: We consider how well the franchise manages legal and compliance issues, as this affects the overall risk for franchisees.

By applying these criteria, we aim to guide our readers towards making informed decisions about which BBQ franchise opportunities might be the best fit for their business goals.

BBQ Franchise

15 Best BBQ Franchise Options

Barbecue franchises include fast casual, quick service, home style diners, carry-outs and fresh takes on the classic Texas joint serving brisket and other meats on butcher paper — not to mention food truck franchises. Did you know there’s even a white Alabama BBQ sauce you can find at some places? Here are our top choices for BBQ franchises:

1. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit originated in Texas in 1941 as a family owned restaurant with a strong brand reputation. And now it is an international franchise having spread far beyond the Lone Star State with more than 500 locations. Franchises focus on craftsman style, hickory smoked barbecue, with classics like brisket and pulled pork. Franchisees have the opportunity to build a quick service restaurant using quality food and old style recipes but new tech platforms. The company also provides an extensive menu that uses just a few ingredients to help owners keep costs down.

A $20,000 fee is required for a BBQ restaurant franchise. And the total initial investment ranges from $256,360 to $440,045.

2. Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave’s is a barbecue restaurant with a backyard feel. There are currently more than 120 franchises across North America, with both full service and counter service options available. So there’s tons of brand recognition and opportunities for growth. It’s a flexible business opportunity that each franchisee can customize to their market and preferences. And extensive support is available to help new franchises get up and running and continue efficient operations.

The fee for new barbecue franchises is $45,000. And startup costs range from $481,750 to $4,495,750.

3. Woody’s Bar-BQ

Woody’s Bar-BQ provides a flexible model for franchises. It should appeal to anyone with a serious passion for barbecue. The restaurant started in Florida in 1980. Owners of franchises get extensive training to make sure they have the tools necessary to find success. The the company provides field representatives to support new franchises after opening.

The fee for a new barbecue restaurant franchise is $39,500. And the initial investment ranges from $257,000 to $600,000.

BBQ Franchise

4. Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse

Bar-B-Cutie SmokeHouse has been in the barbecue industry for 70 years. The food is made using old fashioned slow roasting methods. And restaurants have a flexible footprint, with some including drive-thrus and interior dining options. The franchise opportunities are perfect for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and history managing people.

The fee for franchises is $35,000. And the total startup costs range from $$663,649 to $2,080,491. Fill out the form on the company’s website to request free information on how to get started.

5. Voodoo BBQ & Grill

Voodoo BBQ & Grill is a New Orleans style BBQ restaurant that uses Cajun, Caribbean, and Creole spices in its unique recipes. Before you open, the company provides training, an operations manual, and help with site selection. They also offer field support, research, and continuing education to franchise owners and their teams. This opportunity is perfect for those who want to create an experience for their customers or play around with a non-traditional barbecue menu.

The fee for new franchises is $35,000. And the upfront costs can range from $350,000 to $600,000.

6. Billy Sims Barbecue

Billy Sims Barbecue is a franchise business founded by former NFL and college football player Billy Sims. The first location opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2004. And now there are more than 50 locations across six states. So there are plenty of locations open for development across the United States. The company provides assistance with site selection, store development, training, purchasing, and marketing.

The fee for new Billy Sims Barbecue franchises is $30,000. And upfront costs range from $169,200 to $433,100.

BBQ Franchise

7. Red Hot & Blue

Red Hot & Blue originated in Virginia back in 1988. The full service restaurant specializes in Memphis style barbecue food in a casual atmosphere. For new franchises, they look for owner/operators with previous experience running or owning restaurants. The company provides support for site selection, menu development, equipment selection, promotions, and marketing. They also provide a training course for owners and on-site training at your restaurant.

The franchise fee for new restaurants is $45,000. And the initial investment ranges from $976,000 to $2,161,000.

8. Virginia Barbecue

Virginia Barbecue offers an array of styles in its menu of quality foods, from St. Louis style ribs to North Carolina barbecue sandwiches. The company currently just has a couple of restaurants in Virginia. But it’s looking to grow into new markets by working with interested franchise owners. Restaurant and management experience is preferred. But the company teaches new franchisees what they need to know to get started.

The initial franchise fee is $25,000. And total startup costs for new barbecue franchises fall between $36,000 and $202,000.

9. L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue mixes barbecue with traditional Hawaiian island food for a unique selling proposition within this industry. Founded in 1952, the Honolulu based company has been franchising since 1990 and now has more than 200 locations. It is an especially prominent brand name in Hawaii. But there are franchises across the United States and a few international ones as well. In addition to serving food at each location, the company also provides catering for an additional revenue stream.

The fee for barbecue franchises under this brand is $30,000. And the initial startup costs range from $135,700 to $527,000.

10. Urban Bar-B-Que

Urban Bar-B-Que is a barbecue franchise brand based in Maryland. The company focuses on serving quality food and creating a fun, community focused environment. Franchisees with general business and marketing experience are preferred. And the company provides on-the-job training along with support for purchasing, field operations, and marketing and advertising.

The fee for Urban Bar B-Que franchises is $30,000. And the total initial investment ranges from $182,650 to $365,150.

11. Bandana’s Bar-B-Q

Bandana’s Bar-B-Q is a Missouri based business that serves Southern style food. The restaurant’s smokers operate 24 hours a day and they have a unique blend of dry rub spices to create quality products. Barbecue franchises also offer catering, online ordering, and a loyalty program to foster repeat business and bring in extra revenue for bar b q franchises. The company provides training, exclusive territories, and ongoing support.

The initial fee is $40,000. And total startup costs for one location range from $418,000 to $1.1 million.

12. Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Mighty Quinn’s looks for franchisees and investors who have a passion for the food service industry. The opportunity is built to scale for those who want to maximize profits. Once you open a flagship location, you can open additional satellite locations in your region at a lower cost thanks to this scalable opportunity. They also offer several revenue streams and profits for franchises, including dine-in, delivery, take out, catering, and alcohol.

The initial franchise fee is $45,000. And startup costs range from $738,488 to $896,334. And the costs for satellite locations range from $494,317 to $696,290.

BBQ Franchise

13. Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ

Gyu Kaku is a chain that specializes in Japanese style barbecue. The international company has plenty of opportunities currently available around the United States. Currently, there are about 50 locations in North America, including a handful in New York, California, and Hawaii. But there are many quality territories available. Restaurants feature a unique dining experience where customers cook their food using smokeless roasters that are placed right at their table. This helps to keep kitchen operations simple while providing customers with a high end experience.

The franchise fee for this option is $50,000. And the initial investment ranges from $1.25 million to $1.5 million.

14. Wings Etc.

Wings Etc. is a full service franchise that’s part barbecue pit, part sports bar. The company has 14 years of experience and more than 70 restaurants across the United States. They offer operational training, field support, buying power, and marketing assistance for franchises. Their award winning wings are just part of a menu full of crowd pleasing items. And they also offer multi-unit opportunities for franchisees that want to grow their earnings even more.

The initial fee for Wings Etc. franchises is $39,500. And total startup costs for one location range from $351,200 to $1,669,369.

15. Hattie Marie’s BBQ

Hattie Marie’s BBQ is one of the best franchises for those with business experience and a passion for barbeque. The Georgia based chain offers Texas style food that began with family recipes and quality ingredients. The company is especially interested in working with franchisees that want to open multiple units, so there’s tons of growth potential. They generally develop restaurants within shopping centers, college campuses, airports, and other locations with lots of existing foot traffic. They also offer additional revenue streams like catering and online ordering.

The franchise fee to get started is $30,000. And startup costs for a single location range from $86,500 to $133,500.

Key Considerations for Success in the BBQ Franchise Business

  • Local Flavor Integration: Embrace the opportunity to infuse local flavors into your BBQ menu. While maintaining the essence of authentic BBQ, incorporating regional tastes can set your franchise apart and resonate with local diners.
  • Community Engagement: Establish a strong presence in the local community by participating in events, sponsorships, and collaborations. Engaging with your community can build brand loyalty and attract a steady stream of customers.
  • Sustainability Initiatives: Consider implementing sustainable practices in your BBQ franchise, such as sourcing locally, reducing waste, and using eco-friendly packaging. This not only aligns with growing environmental consciousness but can also appeal to socially responsible consumers.
  • Food Allergen Awareness: With an increasing number of diners having food allergies and dietary restrictions, ensure that your BBQ franchise offers menu options and clear labeling for allergen-conscious customers.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Create effective feedback channels, both online and offline, to gather customer opinions and improve your offerings continually. Valuable insights from customers can drive menu enhancements and service improvements.
  • Innovative Marketing: Explore innovative marketing strategies like social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and loyalty programs to keep your BBQ franchise in the spotlight and attract a diverse customer base.
  • Digital Ordering and Delivery: Embrace technology by offering online ordering and delivery services. In a fast-paced world, convenience is key, and providing these options can expand your customer reach.
  • Training and Employee Retention: Invest in comprehensive training for your staff to ensure consistent quality and customer service. Fostering a positive work environment can aid in employee retention, reducing turnover costs.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Stay adaptable and open to menu changes and adjustments based on customer feedback and market trends. Flexibility is a valuable trait in the ever-evolving restaurant industry.
  • Local Marketing Efforts: Tailor your marketing efforts to the local audience, emphasizing your franchise’s connection to the community. Highlighting your involvement and support for local causes can build a loyal customer base.
Consideration Description
Local Flavor Integration Infuse local flavors while maintaining authentic BBQ essence.
Community Engagement Establish a strong local presence through events and sponsorships.
Sustainability Initiatives Implement sustainable practices, source locally, and reduce waste.
Food Allergen Awareness Offer allergen-friendly menu options with clear labeling.
Feedback Mechanisms Create effective feedback channels for continuous improvement.
Innovative Marketing Explore social media, influencers, and loyalty programs for visibility.
Digital Ordering and Delivery Embrace online ordering and delivery to enhance convenience.
Training and Employee Retention Invest in staff training and foster a positive work environment.
Adaptability and Flexibility Stay open to menu adjustments based on feedback and trends.
Local Marketing Efforts Tailor marketing to the local audience, highlighting community ties.

Is a Barbecue Franchise a Good Opportunity?

Barbecue franchises can be a good opportunity but consider all the positives and negatives.

On the negative side, barbecue is not as much in demand as in some other food categories. BBQ is a niche, making up just 2% of all restaurants. According to CHD Expert, there are 15,200 BBQ restaurants in the United States. By comparison, other types of restaurants are more popular — for example, there are over 77,000 pizzerias, alone.

The number of franchises is even smaller. The vast majority of BBQ restaurants are independent — only about 14% are chains. Two factors may not let you scale up as well as simpler-to-prepare foods. First, the cooking style requires specialized smoking and ventilation equipment. Second, more cooking time may be needed (hours or days to grill or smoke meats).

On the positive side, the market is not as crowded. There may be more potential than in a crowded segment like burgers. And since most of these franchise chains are regional and fairly small, you may get more support and attention from the franchisor.

Also, the market may be underserved today. Americans are passionate about barbecue, with it being the 15th most popular menu item. It’s also reasonably priced, as many outlets are quick service, fast casual or food trucks. Those two factors suggest the potential for growth.

Sources: CHD Expert interview, CHD Expert Infographic and Statista report.


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