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TikTok has recently introduced some new features to its TikTok LIVE function, including raising the number of guests creators can have during a broadcast.

TikTok Live Has New Features

The number of guests possible via the multi-guest feature is now five, with the guests able to appear in either grid form or in a panel. There have also been some updates to TikTok’s safety features to help the TikTok community have the best experience possible when they use LIVE.

Small Business Opportunities

The increase in guest numbers for the multi-guest function could open up opportunities for small business owners to take part in relevant broadcasts hosted by creators. Any creators hosting a discussion on a topic related to the business may appreciate having an expert in the field as a guest.

Networking through positive engagement with other creators’ content could be beneficial in breaking the ice and letting them know you are available to offer your insight into the type of business you operate. There are also plenty of creators whose entire premise is business-focused, with topics about entrepreneurs and start-ups, so there are plenty of opportunities to get eyes on your business.

New TikTok LIVE Multi-Guest Features

On the TikTok Newsroom website, the company explained how the multi-guest feature works, saying: “Through Multi-Guest, hosts can now go LIVE with up to 5 guests using a grid or panel layout, keeping audiences engaged as they respond to questions, host how-to videos, or simply share a moment together with the community.

“And once LIVE, creators can tap the three dots to change a variety of settings. This includes the ability to flip the camera, add effects and stickers, filter comments, and add moderators if they haven’t already been assigned.”

TikTok also explained the new safety features, adding: “From November 23, the minimum age [for hosting LIVE broadcasts] will increase from 16 to 18.”

In addition to raising the minimum age for hosting LIVE videos, Direct Messaging will only be available to those aged 16 and above, while the ability to send virtual gifts or access monetization features will be restricted to users aged 18 and above.

TikTok Content for Adults Only

There will also be a feature enabling creators to limit the audience reach of their content to adults only. This is to prevent younger people from seeing sensitive content with adult themes, or the likes of risqué comedy skits unsuitable for children.

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