Music has long been shown to boost both cognitive performance and productivity. With more and more people working from home, listening to music can help combat loneliness, increase happiness and wellbeing, and provoke analytical thinking.

Certain jobs and professions are more suited to background music than others. One such profession is coding, which requires high levels of analytical and problem-solving skills.

Music to Code To

KO2, providers of recruitment solutions for electronics and embedded systems businesses, recognize how coders can benefit from listening to music. According to KO2, listening to music as they world can help coders get into that elusive, concentration ‘zone’.

“We all know that listening to music can help you get into the ‘zone’. It’s that powerful state that developers hit from time to time where the only thing that matters is the problem you’re working on.

When you’re trying to focus, music is the best way to keep yourself entertained as it can be difficult to listen to podcasts or watch Youtube videos. And whether it’s the passing traffic, a squeaky floorboard or dull office chitter-chatter, a cracking playlist can go a long way to blocking out unwanted noise,” writes Chris Oddy, a recruitment consultant who specialises in the electronics and embedded systems sector.

The recruitment technology specialists are so acquainted with the ‘in the zone’ capabilities of music for coders, that they were determined to find the best songs to listen to when coding.

Most Popular Songs for Coding

KO2 pawed Spotify tom come up with the most popular songs and artists to code to. Here’s what they found.

Topping the list by featuring the most coding playlists was The Weeknd’s 2019 song ‘Blinging Lights’. Another clear favorite choice of song among coders was French Inhale by [bsd.u].

Here is the list of the most popular songs to code to:

  • Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
  • Day One by Hans Zimmer
  • [bsd.u] by French Inhale
  • Both of Us by Idealism
  • Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer
  • Solar Sailer by Daft Punk
  • Time by Hans Zimmer
  • [oops] by potsu
  • Affection by Jinsang
  • Controlla by Idealism
  • Snowman by WYS
  • 5:32pm by The Deli
  • A Walk by Tycho
  • Awake by Tycho
  • Away with the Fairies by Sleepy Fish
  • I’m Closing My Eyes by Potsu

Daft Punk Most Popular Artist to Code to

With regards to the most popular artists to code to, Draft Punk take the number one slot. The French electronic musicians average more than 15 million monthly listeners on Spotify and their songs appear most frequently across the Spotify playlists of coders.

Daft Punk were followed by Odesza, as the most popular artist for programmers to listen to when working.

When it comes to musical genres, electronics seem to be a favorite for coders. As Ko2 notes, it must be something to do with the consistent beat that helps coders establish a rhythm.

KO2’s research provides useful insight into how professionals use music to get them in the mood and improve performance. In this sense, employers may want to consider encouraging the use of background music in the workplace.

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