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The pandemic has had a huge impact on small businesses. Job growth is one area that has been heavily affected by the ongoing upheaval. As some small businesses have been forced to lay off workers, others have been taking more staff on.

In its “United States of Small Business” report, Next Insurance sheds light on job growth patterns within different states.

The statistics are important for small business owners as they reveal which locations are less ‘bruised’ by the pandemic. With job creation higher in certain states, small businesses may be wise to relocate or startup in more dynamic locations.

Check out the states with the highest and lowest small business job growth from 2016 – 2020.

States with the Highest Small Business Jobs Increase

1. Utah

Utah witnessed the largest increase in jobs within the US, with a 23.52% rise.

2. Nevada

In second place is Nevada, which has experienced a 23.11% increase since 2016.

3. Idaho

Idaho is the third best state in terms of job growth with a 20.73% increase.

4. Colorado

Colorado is fourth in line, witnessing a 19.58% rise since 2016.

5. Florida

Just behind Colorado is Florida with a 18.35% surge in jobs.

6. Washington

Washington has seen a 17.72% increase in job growth.

7. Texas

Texas is just behind with a 17.58% rise.

8. Arizona

Arizona has witnessed a 17.5% increase since 2016.

9. Delaware

Delaware’s job growth is 17.28% for the same period.

10. South Carolina

South Carolina is the tenth highest state in terms of jobs creation with a 17.11% rise.

States with the Lowest Small Business Jobs Increase

1. West Virginia

At the other end of the spectrum is West Virginia with a -4.06% jobs growth figure.

2. Louisiana

Louisiana has witnessed a 5.41% rise.

3. New Mexico

New Mexico’s increase has been limited to 5.47%.

4. Alaska

Alaska has had a 6.36% rise.

5. Wyoming

Wyoming’s job creation figure is at 6.36%.

6. Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s growth has been limited to 6.54%.

7. Iowa

Iowa is at the same number.

8. Connecticut

Connecticut has experienced a rise of 6.81%.

9. Mississippi

The state of Mississippi has seen a 7.17% rise in jobs since 2016.

10. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s job creation market has witnessed a 7.21% increase.

Small business growth and employment by state


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