Surefire Local Debuts New Hyperlocal Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

The debut of Surefire’s All-In-One Local Marketing Platform looks to make local businesses grow by letting them take control of their multi-channel marketing efforts.

A multi-channel approach is key in today’s digital ecosystem because small businesses now also operate online. Therefore, bringing the physical and digital worlds together is key to fully optimize ad spend. However, small businesses don’t always take advantage of the tools which are available to them when it comes to marketing.

Local marketing is especially important for small businesses because this is where they generate most of their revenue. But with eCommerce, this is changing rapidly. Finding the right balance, strengths and limitations in both online and physical stores is a good starting point when it comes to budgeting for marketing.

Surefire Local Marketing Platform

The Surefire All-In-One Local Marketing Platform gives small businesses advanced, affordable marketing capabilities, streamlined access and hundreds of available integrations. This is what Chris Marentis, founder and CEO of Surefire Local, says in the press release.

Marentis adds, “We are thrilled to deliver a platform that provides real-time, actionable insights, analytics and features to time-crunched small business owners enabling their voice to finally be heard in the market.”

Comprehensive View

The features Marentis mentions are a must in today’s business ecosystem. Surefire makes these features available on a platform where owners can see their marketing efforts on a single dashboard.

Surefire Local Debuts New Hyperlocal Marketing Platform for Small Businesses

image: Surefire LocalEven if you are not an expert in marketing, you can see which of your marketing campaigns are working. Armed with this information you can spend more on what works, and reevaluate campaigns which are not delivering.

Whether you are doing the marketing or you hire an agency, you can target your audience with quality and consistent local marketing initiatives.

Surefire says this is going to allow your business to ensure continuous refinement, improvement and expansion of your local reach. It will also do the same for your digital reputation as more of your customers reach you online.

The Surefire Strategy

Surefire has a three-step strategy to take your small business to the next level with a comprehensive and easy to use digital marketing platform. The steps are to mend, modernize and magnify the presence of your company.

It starts by identifying and targeting the digital roadblocks which stop you from growing. It then makes sure your data is accurate and consistent across all of the online directories important to your business.

The next step is to manage your online reputation to increase ratings and reviews, and simplify responses. Last but not least, a secure system which provides control and access for all of your marketing materials and information.

If you have outdated technology and systems in place, Surefire Local is going to bring you up to speed. You are going to have real-time actionable insights, chat, lead managers, analytics, software integration and 24/7 access to expert support.

With these strategies in place, it’s time to magnify your business by refining, improving and expanding your reach and reputation. This is going to be accomplished with content marketing. You do this by creating and sharing photos, blogs and other content across all online and social media channels.

Search and display advertising is the last step in this strategy to drive new customers from sites where your audience looks for information.

Surefire All-In-One Local Marketing Platform is now available.


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