Facebook ads provide a powerful option for marketing all types of businesses, including those offering coaching or consulting services. Not only does Sodini Marketing serve this niche. But the company also focuses solely on helping businesses leverage the power of Facebook ads. Learn more about the company below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides Facebook ads support for coaches, consultants, and course creators.

The Facebook ad agency not only provides a solution that’s carefully tailored to this niche. But they also offer unique insights that are specific to the needs and goals of each client.

Business Niche

Offering full transparency throughout the process.

Founder Jodi Sodini told Small Business Trends, “We are known for our integrity, transparency and accountability. Not only are we achieving results, we do it with radical transparency!”

Business Origin Story

To explore entrepreneurial dreams.

Sodini says, “I relaunched my own business in August of 2022 after a year of being an employee at another big marketing firm. I knew the employee life was NOT for me.”

Biggest Win

Getting big results for a client.

Sodini adds, “We achieved a client’s 12 month goal in just 30 days with one well-executed launch!”

Business Philosophy

Take plenty of risks.

Sodini explains, “I take calculated risks all the time! It’s just my personality! As a former paramedic and firefighter, it’s really just who I am to do risky things, and I operate from my gut, and my gut really isn’t ever wrong.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing and supporting the team.

Sodini says, “I would use it to make sure I was growing my team and compensating them well, as well as putting it toward my marketing and advertising spend so I could keep growing!”

Company Culture

Treating everyone well.

Sodini explains, “Most of us are from the company I worked as an employee for… That owner treated everyone so terribly, but friendships and connections were formed.”

Favorite Quote

“Your business is broken, and if you’re lucky, it always will be.” – Alex Charfen.


Images: Jodi Sodini

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