10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

Facebook Messenger marketing is the hottest opportunity in digital marketing today.

And get this. 1.4 billion people actively use Facebook Messenger, but less than 1% of businesses actually engage in Facebook Messenger marketing.

This is what we call an opportunity gap.

So what is Facebook Messenger marketing, what’s the pay-off, and how does it work? And importantly, how can you build a free chatbot for driving engagement, sales and customer service on Facebook? This is your guide.

What Is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger Marketing is connecting with customers on the chat platform Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Marketing has everything to do with chatbots. Messenger chatbots allow you to enable marketing automations like:

  • Chat blasting — it’s like email blasting for chat
  • Drip campaigns — just like it sounds
  • Business system integrations — connecting customer profiles across databases

Doing chat blasts and building Facebook Messenger chatbots is a scalable solution for connecting with customers on the world’s most popular mobile chat application.

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #1: Build a Chatbot

Did you know it takes less than 5 minutes to build your first chatbot in MobileMonkey?

You can build powerful chatbots using the chatbot builder, and it takes zero coding whatsoever.

Widgets and a drag-and-drop interface make it so simple to combine images, galleries, animated GIFs, questions, forms, text and more.

Plus, you can select from a huge variety of templates to supercharge your Facebook Messenger marketing power. Choose the chatbot template that best matches your goals, tweak it according to your preferences, and you’re set.

The first thing to do is customize a Messenger bot that will greet the people who message your page.

Use your welcome Messenger bot to gather a bit of info from your visitor. What are they looking for that you can help them with?

It’s that info (email, phone number, interest, budget) that you use to save custom attributes to their customer profile.

Use custom attributes to create audience segments for tailoring your messages.

Here’s how to build a Messenger chatbot in 5 minutes!

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #2: Chat Blasts

Are you familiar with email blasts? A chat blast is similar, except it works by sending Facebook Messenger chats.

With chatbots, the entire process is automated.

For example, you can create and send chat blasts whenever you post a new blog post.

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

Chat blasting takes less than 5 minutes to do.

And the RSS blog blaster will automate the chat blasting based on your blog’s RSS feed. That’s a 3-minute setup with zero minutes a week after that!

Check out how to chat blast your Messenger contacts.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #3: Messenger Ads

When you’ve got top content to promote, use the click-to-Messenger ad objective to collect more than traffic to your pages.

With Messenger ads, you also get contact information for those clicking on your ads.

You also get permissions to send follow-up messaging to every new contact!

Creating the ad only takes about 5 minutes each week.

So make a plan to promote a top blog post to Messenger once a week. Earmark $40-100 for each lifetime campaign budget.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #4: Custom Audiences

Whenever you ask a question or collect lead or customer info in a form, you’re saving custom attributes to your contact profiles.

Naturally, you’ll want to send follow-up messaging to these new contacts.

Create custom audiences based on these attributes.

Creating a new audience only takes only a minute!

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #5: Drip Campaigns

Creating a drip campaign is something you only need to set up once.

It might take 15 minutes to build each page of content and schedule it out in a timeline.

Once the Messenger drip campaign is created, there’s no need to fuss with it. It’ll run and do its drip thing!

Tally this one up at zero minutes per week.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #6: Mobile Landing Pages

It might be time to make the switch to mobile landing pages in chat.

Consider the clunky mobile landing page experience you’re sending your ad traffic to.

Then consider the mobile-optimized chat interface of a landing page that engages a lead all the way through to conversion.

Set up your Messenger chat landing page in 5 minutes one time, then manage ads as you normally would, using the link to Messenger for your landing page.

Zero ongoing minutes in MobileMonkey per week.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #7: Comment Guard

When your Facebook Messenger marketing machine is up and running, you’ll be ready to invest resources in growing your contact list.

One Messenger lead magnet is a Facebook post autoresponder, also known as a comment guard.

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

It takes about five minutes to create a comment guard on a post. Create a new one each week.

Catch up with tactics for building your contact list with a comment guard.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #8: Checkbox Plugin

Another lead magnet for Messenger contacts is the checkbox plugin.

It’s a checkbox that sits alongside other checkboxes on forms and CTAs across your assets, asking if people want to subscribe on Messenger.

Setup is simple and there’s no ongoing weekly upkeep. Voila!

The most powerful lead magnet, or list growth tool for Facebook Messenger bots is the Facebook click-to-Messenger ad.

What are Messenger ads? Learn more about them in that article.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #9: Chatbot Integrations

You’re probably using a bunch of systems to run your business.

So, you’ll want to keep your Messenger contact profiles in sync across your databases.

Use Zapier connection integrations to keep your customer profiles in sync from MobileMonkey to your CRM, email platforms and more.

MobileMonkey provides thousands of possible integrations. Check out the full spread of chatbot integrations here.

Once you’ve set up an integration, the handshake is made! No more maintenance for you!

Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactic #10: Review Stats and Analytics

Like any marketing, spend a few minutes each week reviewing the stats and reporting for your Facebook Messenger Marketing campaigns.

Pro subscribers can easily view the bot analytics reporting trends visually over time.

And chat blasting statistics show you the open rates and response rates for all your blasts.

10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

Start building Facebook Messenger Marketing campaigns that deliver valuable content and deepen customer relationships.

What’s the Payoff for Using Facebook Messenger Marketing?

The average open rate in Facebook Messenger marketing is 70-80%. Compare that to 25-30% in email.

The response rate on Messenger is double or triple email click-through rate!

What’s the Investment for Facebook Messenger Marketing?

How much does Facebook Messenger marketing cost?

MobileMonkey is a free platform for building Facebook Messenger marketing automations with chatbots. Building these chatbots requires no coding whatsoever.

Agencies and professionals interested in bot analytics and advanced features like drip campaigns and integrations will want to upgrade to a pro plan, starting at just $49/mo.

As for your time to manage Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns, most of these tactics require minimal ongoing management once they’re set up.

Here’s how to launch and run your Facebook Messenger Marketing campaigns in just 20 minutes of recurring management time each week!

Get MobileMonkey free for unlimited contacts today!

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