Key to Perseverance is Showing up Every Day

Sabrina Tan left a comfortable tech career to start her own business in the skincare industry. Skin Inc, a customizable skincare solution, has won over 100 beauty awards and is featured in publications like VOGUE, WWD, Refinery29. Singapore-based Skin Inc is a marriage of tech and beauty, but like any marriage, Sabrina faced challenges. It was her ability to persevere, and overcome those challenges that makes her such an inspiration to up and coming entrepreneurs.


Showing Up Every Day

Ramon Ray caught up with Sabrina at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Summit. Her advice to struggling entrepreneurs is simple.

Just show up every single day because you are one day closer to your success…There’s no other way.

A Change in Perspective

Sabrina’s perspective on what it takes to persevere is refreshing. When you’ve been doing something for 5 or 10 years, and it’s not working out, you start to ask yourself, ‘is there a time when you say it’s time to give up or shift?’

Even when it’s time to ‘give up’ as we would call it, Sabrina offers a solution marked by grace and transformation rather than failure.

She says, “there are different seasons in our lives.” She doesn’t see it as ‘giving up’ but more of a different season. It’s simply no longer your calling or purpose. She advises those in a similar position to “make a contentious or logical decision” and enjoy the personal journey you’ve been on with yourself for the last decade or so.

What Kept You Going?

Sabrina says that the key to her own success and perseverance was her determination and “my prayer of strength, daily, and my prayer of wisdom.”


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