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The US Small Business Administration (SBA) has partnered with Business Forward Inc., a non-profit organization that works with small business leaders, to launch the ‘Small Business Digital Alliance’ (SBDA).

Small Business Digital Alliance

The joint co-sponsorship is aimed at connecting small businesses with important digital resources to help start and expand their ecommerce business.

The new program will also provide small businesses with a series of briefings and training focused on enabling business owners access and utilize digital tools.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to shop and more online, small businesses need to have an active digital presence to remain competitive and to reach out to customers.

Reaching Audiences with the Right Digital Tools

It is therefore important small businesses are aware of the new initiative which could prove invaluable in helping them reach new markets through the right digital tools, find diverse talent, improve operations, and, ultimately, raise capital.

SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman commented on how the new alliance could help small businesses take their digital efforts further:

“The world’s economy has grown increasingly digital, particularly over the course of the pandemic, and small businesses have pivoted and adapted by adopting technology at incredibly high rates. Through our new Small Business Digital Alliance and agreement with Business Forward, the SBA will help more small businesses accelerate their online and social media strategies to power their businesses in e-commerce and better engage with their customers where they are.”

Focused on Equity and Leveling the Playing Field

The new initiative builds on the Biden-Harris Administration’s focus on equity and leveling the playing field. It is aimed at providing small businesses of all backgrounds, especially ones from undeserved or disadvantaged communities, with a comprehensive suite of tools to expand customer base and manage growth.

A series of virtual and in-person events across the US will be hosted by the SBA and Business Forward, as well as members of the SBDA.

The sessions will focus on policy briefings on small business trends. They will also showcase the digital tools on offer to help small ventures of all communities expand and thrive as we move out of these challenging times.

The SBA encourages all companies with an interest in supporting small businesses with training, insight and free digital tools to become part of the SBDA.

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