sba conference on boosting small business

The Council on Underserved Communities (CUC) has held its first virtual meeting to discuss efforts to boost America’s small businesses and align the priorities of the various contributing groups for the coming year.

The virtual meeting was led by Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) and CUC chairman John W. Rogers, Jr. The meeting began with a presentation by Administrator Guzman after each of the 15 participating members had introduced themselves.

SBA Conference on More Equitable Access for Small Businesses

One of the main topics discussed during the SBA and CUC virtual meeting was the plan to expand equitable access to capital and resources for small businesses. This would include ‘opening doors of opportunity’ to the likes of contracting and procurement.

Other topics included catching up on the progress made on small business support structures under the Biden-Harris Administration, with CUC council and SBA program office members sharing views from the public. They also laid out their plan for the next two years, which involves focusing on amplifying the SBA’s programs and messages with the aim of creating the more equitable access to capital and resources.

An Economy That ‘Works For Everyone’

SBA Administrator Guzman was excited for the CUC and SBA to reconvene and continue their efforts to support small businesses in America, saying: “I’m excited for this kick-off as the CUC and its important mission align perfectly with the core of what we came here to do at the SBA and across the federal government in the Biden-Harris Administration: Ensure our economy works for everyone so that we can build wealth in communities across America, and strengthen our global competitiveness.

“I am hopeful in 2022 as I believe the SBA is strongly positioned to deliver on President Biden’s commitment to equity. And I know the CUC can be an impactful advisory group to advance the SBA’s work to meet our small businesses and entrepreneurs where they are and provide them with the capital, opportunities, knowledge, and networks to start and grow their American dream and build resilience, regardless of demographic.”

Creative CUC with ‘Impactful Ideas’

The CUC Chairman John W. Rogers, Jr. also expressed his eagerness to work with Administrator Guzman and the White House to expand equitable access to both capital and customers. Their coordination should make it much easier for small and diverse-owned businesses to grow and expand. He also gave his vote of confidence to the CUC’s ability to come up with ‘creative and impactful ideas’ with which to advise the Small Business Administration.

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