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Are you searching for a good video conferencing tool to connect with your remote team efficiently? If yes, then there is good news.

RingByName, a leading provider of UCaaS and collaboration solutions, recently launched R! Meet. It is a free video collaboration web application. And it doesn’t require you to download any software program to start organizing virtual meetings. So, you can start using it right away without setting anything up.

More and more businesses are voluntarily or mandatorily allowing their employees to work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has increased the demand for video conferencing and collaboration tools.

The recent launch of R!Meet is aimed at catering to the growing need for video conferencing tools.

Key Features of R! Meet

R!Meet uses WebRTC technology, which simply means it works on any compatible web browsers.

To start using R!Meet, you just have to visit and create a virtual meeting room.

PC: RingByName

Once you’re in, copy the meeting link and share it with your remote employees. By clicking on the meeting link, your employees can join the virtual meeting.

PC: RingByName

You can now access this standalone service from RingByName for free. The company hasn’t launched an Enterprise version yet.

However, it has a plan to integrate the R! Meet software into its R! Web and R! Mobile applications. Doing so will help users do efficient scheduling, ad-hoc video meeting creation, and many other activities to enhance collaboration.

Following is a list of current and planned features:

  • Scheduling
  • Recording of any session
  • Collecting session data & analytics (including the duration and quality of every session and every stream)
  • Supporting for all your video use cases(1:1 consultations, group video chat, screen sharing, and large scale broadcasts to thousands)
  • Offering advanced security, firewall-control, regional isolation, and compliance certification options
  • End-to-end assistance (for Enterprise plan)

Kooi Lim, CEO for RingByName, said, “RingByName builds cutting-edge UCaaS software and services from ideation to operation,”

“R! Meet allows users with a desktop computer or a smartphone to participate in virtual meetings and is designed to bring co-workers, customers, and friends and family together although they are apart,” he concluded.

Tips to Ace Your Video Conferencing

Remote working is a win-win working arrangement for both employers and employees. So there is no doubt that remote working is going to stay even after the pandemic is over.

As a small business owner, you should try to adopt this new normal. Acing your video conferring meeting is one way to do that.

Here are some tips to bring your A-game while participating in video conferencing:

  • Plan your agenda and share it with your team in advance
  • Have a small talk to break the ice
  • Make sure everyone recognizes each other
  • Set some ground rules for remote meetings

Last but not the least, have everyone checked their system (mobile, laptop, tablet) before the meeting to avoid any last-minute glitch.

About RingByName

RingByName offers integrated telecom and software solutions to businesses to simplify and accelerate communication and collaboration. The company’s solutions are designed to help businesses build better relationships with their customers.


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