Ring for Business Offers a DIY Security System for Your Property

The word “disrupt” is bandied about in the tech world regularly, but in the case of ring it really is disruptive. In the six years the company has been around, it has revolutionized home security, and it is now after the business segment.

Ring for Business looks to transform business security the same way it did with home security. The model is simple. Affordable hardware and monitoring service free from long-term commitments, hidden fees, and professional installation.

Small businesses avoid security systems because of the cost, long-term contract, and installation. According to Jamie Siminoff, founder and Chief Inventor of Ring, these very reasons led him to develop Ring for Business.

In the press release for the new service, Siminoff goes on to say, “Traditional commercial security options are often rigid, expensive and difficult to install. Because of this, we noticed some businesses using our devices to monitor and protect their properties. Developing Ring for Business, a more affordable and straightforward security option for companies, was a natural next step in our mission to make neighborhoods safer – both at home and at work.”

The Ring for Business Kit

There are three different Ring for Business kits: Business Starter Kit, a Premium Business Kit, and an Enhanced Business Kit.

Every kit is built around the Ring platform. This is a smart security system which will monitor your business and alert you to potential trespassers or other unwanted activity.

Depending on your needs, size of business and other requirements, you can customize the system. You can add door and window sensors, motion detectors, sirens, security cams, and video doorbells to monitor your property and record events.

Additional options include the Key by Amazon, the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt and eero.

With Key, you can lock and unlock your door using the Ring app on your phone. By pairing the Key by Amazon app, you can receive deliveries even when you are not there.

The protection eero provides is for your wireless network. All you have to do is plug in eero into your modem to secure your WiFi throughout your business. The platform has an advanced encryption system which automatically helps protect and secure your network.

Once all of the hardware is in place, you can start monitoring your property 24/7 from anywhere.

Real-time Monitoring

The biggest selling point for the original Ring system was the real-time video monitoring it gave homeowners. By simply looking at their smartphones, they could see what was taking place in their home.  This feature will also be available for businesses.

The professional monitoring system on the other hands provides added security. It is a commitment-free service with 60-day video event recording for unlimited cameras. Even if the power or broadband service goes out, a battery and LTE cellular backup kicks in to continue the monitoring.

At only $10 per month/per location or $100 annually, the price makes the whole system a product worth looking into.

Ring for business is now available.

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