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Working out a concept for a manufactured product but not sure how to built it? QoQer can help. This startup streamlines the whole manufacturing process. They design, create and ship products for the entrepreneurs who envision them.

Small Business Trends contacted spokesman Stephen Burton to find out how this new service helps small businesses launch products.

“QoQer is a new concept which allows anyone with a product idea to turn it into a thriving business,” he writes.  “We guide them through the design process and help them get their product manufactured and delivered.  We can even help them with their product branding.”

A Light Bulb Notion

It’s a service designed with small businesses and individuals in mind. Especially entrepreneurs with a lightbulb notion for a product but not the knowledge or understanding of the manufacturing end.

Getting started is easy.

“All you need is an idea to start with,” Burton writes. “It doesn’t even matter if it isn’t fully formed at first.  Just visit our website at and complete the online form.”

The Whole Process

After that, a  manager will get in touch and guide you through the whole process. They look after the details like discussing your concept, offering advice and then managing manufacturing and delivery

“We are with you every step of the way, from the initial stage right through to your product being delivered,” Burton says.

Here’s a little more on how it works.

How It Works

Businesses get product design, branding and even a logo for free. Small businesses can even get a product sample. Mass production is arranged at the end of the process and your product can be shipped to you.

The company has experience working with manufacturers in Asia. One of the selling features here is they claim to be able to get the best quality and prices while arranging the quickest shipping times.

Burton says dealing with these Asian companies has given them the experience that sets QoQer apart. He explains:

“ QoQer ‘s founders have created products through these manufacturers many times .  Through this, we have learned the best practices.  And who the best suppliers are.”

Every Small Business Industry

Best of all, every small business industry is in the running to get benefits from QoQer. Burton describes this wide swath.

“So far we have worked with people in a variety of industries. Everything from skincare and health right through to keychains.”

Pricing for this service is transparent and simple. Any discussions and initial consultations with an account manager are free. Clients start paying out at the sample stage where there’s a $100 charge.

Production or Shipping

“This doesn’t include production or shipping but your account manager will advise you of these fees in advance,” Burton says.

He supplied some examples of what SMBs can expect to pay like the following.

“Once your product goes into production, the fees are 7.5% of the total value of the order for purchases up to $10,000. The fee is 5% of the total value of purchases above $10,000.”

Burton supplies a final word  on the international pieces that make up the puzzle.

“We work with product designers in America, Canada and Europe and we manufacture in Asia, bringing you the best of both worlds,” he says.

“QoQer is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. “


This article, “QoQer is Helping Manufacturing Startups Get Off the Ground” was first published on Small Business Trends

Source: Small Business Trends

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