Wearable Contactless Transactions

Purewrist, a fintech company, has announced the launch of its new mass-market wearable, Purewrist GO bracelet. Purewrist GO allows users to make contactless payments without the need to touch cash or a card. 

With this offering, the company looks to help businesses put at ease consumers’ concerns over COVID-19 safety measures. Additionally, it will address the growing demand for more contactless payment solutions among consumers. 

Purewrist Bracelet Offers Contactless Payments

Purewrist GO supports both Purewrist’s new payment platform and a mobile application. Purewrist’s bracelet can help users make payments with a simple tap and go to make safe contactless payments at retailers, public transit, coffee shops, and more. The bracelet is waterproof and needs no batteries. It is made from an ultra-durable silicone material that is easy to clean and disinfect. 

Purewrist offers users to:

  • Check balances, view transactions, manage limits, customize preferences, set alerts and lock their wearable if it is lost.
  • Upon receipt and activation of the Purewrist GO, pre-loaded funds are immediately available for purchases at select outlets
  • Customers are provided with a full Mastercard account card number that can be entered to complete online transactions
  • Customers can upgrade their bracelet at any time to an FDIC insured personalized reloadable account at no extra cost
  • Reloadable accounts are funded through an existing bank account or credit/debit card and have the option for automatic reload

Growth of Contactless Payment

Contactless payment is a great opportunity for companies to boost their business and earn more conversions. Besides helping ease transactions, contactless payment also helps businesses adapt to the new norm brought about by COVID. By leveraging this technology not only can businesses increase safety but they can also boost customer confidence during the pandemic. They also help make checkouts quicker, accommodate more customers, and protect against fraud. 

Security and Availability

Purewrist GO also meets strict payment security standards and ID theft protection including Mastercard’s network rules.

It retails for $25. Users can also opt to receive a color-customizable bracelet. They can get a Mastercard contactless prepaid card, activation, and pre-loaded option of either $10, $25, or $50.

Image: purewrist.com

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