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As a small business owner, your online presence is just as important as your brick and mortar operation. Like any business, presentation it is important to capture the imagination of your customers. The key to this is to make your content visually engaging. The quality of your photos, videos, animations, ads and others can impact your message. Visual information can be processed faster and easier than text. As such investing in good animation and pictures helps get your message across and boost your conversion rates.

If you are looking for engaging visuals, PixTeller is an online design and animation tool that helps you to create or customize photos for digital ads, websites and blogs, print materials, covers and headers and more. Here’s our PixTeller review.

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PixTeller Features

Photo Editor

You can use PixTeller’s free photo editor tool without the need for software installation. This image editor comes with pre-designed templates where you can easily resize, crop or modify not only the templates but also your own images. This PixTeller editor comes with not only tools for editing but includes features such as preset filters, the ability to change HUE, saturation, and brightness within minutes. The easy to use PixTeller editor does not require any technical knowledge and is a great Do-it-Yourself tool for processing your images. Once you finish processing your images you have the option to export them into .png, .jpg, or .pdf formats.

Animation Editor

With PixTeller animation maker tool you can produce creative animated videos designed to engage with your audiences. With this PixTeller editor, you can create animated posts within minutes directly from your browser. The animation editor’s timeline section helps users to work with any aspect of their animation elements separately.

This includes manipulating the size, color, position and creating video motions effects. You can use the generated output from this PixTeller editor to get your designs in.MP4 or animated GIF for websites, blogs, emails, and other channels.

What Can I Create with PixTeller?

If you are looking to create an image, animation, video, graphics, infographics but do not feel artistic enough, then PixTeller is the tool you’ve been looking for. With the editor tools listed, you can produce a whole range of marketing collateral with relative ease. Below are some of the collateral you can produce with PixTeller:

1. Graphic Images

You can design, download, and share custom photos for your social channels with PixTeller’s graphic maker. This means you have tools that can help you produce great photos and illustrations with no technical graphic design know-how.

2. Animated GIFs

A Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) is an animated image format. Basically, it is a series of photos or soundless videos that will loop continuously giving it the entertaining feel for social media marketing. Because they are eye-catching and easily shareable, as they have a small file size, they are great for multiple digital outreach efforts. With Pixtter’s GIF maker you can design and share social media photos for free. You have a choice of either choosing from several pre-designed templates or make your GIF from scratch for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or other channels.

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Quote posters are a great way to strengthen your messaging as they help trigger something within us when we read them. With quotes, you can provide a better take on the subject. In fact, motivational quotes make people feel the same as actually accomplishing something. PixTeller offers a free online quote maker. You can choose the font type that works best for your message, change backgrounds and easily share it on all your channels in one go.

4. Posters

PixTeller offers an intuitive tool to create posters of all kinds including print, online shops, websites, blogs and more. With it, you can easily create great posters with no design experience in .png, .jpg and .pdf.

5. Cards

PixTeller’s card maker allows you to make greeting cards to be used for your outreach with relative ease. You have the choice of using predesigned templates or design your card from scratch for both online and printing purposes.

6. Logos

Logos are important for your brand. PixTeller’s logo allows you to choose from a selection of templates or even customize them by choosing fonts, shapes, and colors.

7. Animated Logos

If you want to take your logo to the next level PixTeller’s animated logo creator helps you just do that. You can animate your logo with the help of this free tool and render them in .gif or .mp4 for your website or other digital channels.

8. Video Story

You can boost your social media game by using PixTeller’s video story maker. Create compelling Facebook or Instagram animated video stories by using templates or create your own. This intuitive feature is a graphics tool that you should not overlook.

9. Slideshows

Pixtter’s slideshow maker helps you to combine your photos, text, and shapes to create slideshows in one go. You can also customize photo frames and design your own slideshow based on your marketing needs and subject matter.

10. Collages

PixTeller’s collage maker helps you mix photos, text, and shapes to make ads or photo collages for your web-based marketing.

11. Banners

You have the opportunity to design and make great professional promotional banners with relative ease. Whether for print or online engagement, the possibilities are unlimited. You can use it for Google Ads, social media ads, blogs, business pages, or even print.

12. Flyers

Flyers are perhaps one of the most popular promotional tools in business. Whether you are looking for print or online promotion, this easy-to-use flyer maker can help you make flyers in three simple steps; determine size, choose elements and render.

13. Invitations

PixTeller’s invitation maker helps you design and make great invitation cards either for business or personal use with relative ease. You can decide from the available templates or design your own invitation card from scratch.

14. Youtube Thumbnails

If you employ YouTube in your marketing then you no doubt know the difference your thumbnail can make to encourage viewership. PixTeller’s free online thumbnail maker helps you play with the background image, choose your font and color and even upload your logo easily.

15. Wallpapers

PixTeller’s wallpaper maker effortlessly produce desktop wallpapers and backgrounds. You can also use the picture database to make wallpapers for phones or blogs in .png or .jpg formats.

PixTeller Pros

With PixTeller you have great flexibility in your ability to make media graphics, videos, images, and much more. Here some of the pros:

  • Create graphics in custom sizes to suit your specific needs
  • The option to search and use any image, shape, and graphics from the library. This includes over 100,000 templates and 5,000 animations
  • The ability to upload custom fonts to conform to your brand guidelines
  • You have the option to get the final product in JPG, PDF, PNG, GIF or MP4 formats.
  • You can do all this and more for a low price

PixTeller Cons

The cons of PixTeller are:

  • Being a website based service internet connection is required.
  • Video is only limited to .mp4 format

Who is PixTeller best for?

PixTeller is great for businesses on a budget that need graphic designs for social media, image processing and video production. It is great for novices as its intuitive interface helps to easily navigate through the process of creating all their design needs.

What can I use PixTeller images for?

You can use images, animation, and videos in many places:

  • Website Images – You can customize your image, graphics and videos to fit your content marketing needs with no hassles.
  • Social Media Images – You can tap into this to engage and prospect customers with social media graphics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other channels by using animations, infographics and ads.
  • Tell Your Story – You can use it to tell the story behind your brand or offerings using visual storytelling by using the different tools.
  • Quote Images – You can give your customer service a shot in the arm by creating quote images in your Call to Actions and other announcements.
  • Virtual Backgrounds – You can add a little panache to your graphics, wallpapers or backgrounds using a selection of the available online tools.
  • Presentations – You can produce professional-looking presentations with little effort be it animations, slideshows, videos and others from your browser.


Finding the right animation and image software can be difficult, especially if you’re not a novice. You will be hard-pressed to decipher the technical specifications, the tools and in some cases the mix of software to use to create your marketing collateral. PixTeller is affordable starting at $7 a month for the PixTeller pro and is a great option to use as it offers a good selection of tools that can address any promotional needs. It also offers a limited free trial that you can capitalize on to see if it is the right fit for your needs. It is web-based so you do not need to install any software and can be used for personal uses as well.

Image: PixTeller

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