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Otter has announced the launch of its latest offering Otter Live Captions For Zoom that provides live transcriptions for Zoom meetings. With Otter, users can get automatic transcriptions on Zoom’s Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans.

The live captions by Otter use Artificial intelligence (AI) for Zoom meetings and webinars to see captions in real-time in the Zoom window.

Otter Introduces Live Captions for Zoom Calls

ith Live Captions and other Otter Zoom offerings, users can now get easy access to transcripts, take notes, and share ideas and opinions either during or after each session.

 How it Works

To use the feature users are required to be subscribers of Otter business as well as set up Otter Live Notes and copy the API token from their Zoom meeting into Otter Live Notes. Otter business comes with a monthly subscription of $30 or a discounted annual payment plan of $240 per user. A one-month free trial is also available.

  • With Otter Notes, which is an add-on to Zoom, participants can share transcriptions live, via email or share a link.
  • Users have the option to highlight important sentences, highlight, comment and add photos. This allows them to create meeting notes either during or after sessions.
  • Users have the option to export transcripts in a variety of formats that include Word, TXT, PDF, SRT or MP3
  • It integrates with your calendar by helping provide notifications on upcoming meetings. It then asks you if you want to launch the App to begin transcriptions.
  • Otter Voice Meeting Notes is also available for mobile devices both for iOS and Android

Collaboration Made Easy

In the wake of the COVID-19, the offering by Otter can help add value to virtual meetings, events, lectures and podcasts by helping to better capture information accurately and making it easily accessible.

Speech-to-text transcription tools like these help simplify record-keeping, research, note-taking and organizing meeting minutes. They do this by cutting across the hassle of manually spending hours transcribing long passages of audio or video. The amount of time they cut helps boost productivity with quick document turnaround. This allows team members to act quickly without the need for waiting for transcripts to arrive.

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