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Do you want to remove more points of contact in your restaurant? Well, OhWaiter lets your customers use their own smartphones to place an order, make a request, and pay. Better yet, you can use it in hotels, stadiums, bars, and other hospitality venues for $149 per month per property.

What makes OhWaiter so easy and accessible is it uses text message (SMS) alerts without downloading an app. This is yet another pain point this service removes for customers because they don’t have to add another app on their device.

OhWaiter Ordering and Payment Service

What exactly is OhWaiter? It is a service that enables restaurants, hotels and other businesses to provide full service to their customers via text message alerts.

According to founder and LA-based restaurateur, Jonathan Chu, the reason he founded the company was to, “… Help improve the guest dining experience and operator efficiencies.” However, the pandemic added more value to the platform.

In the press release, Chu said, “We created OhWaiter because we not only saw a service need for busy restaurants but during COVID19, it’s especially important for restaurants to offer exceptional service while maintaining physical distancing and contactless customer service”

How Does it Work

When your business orders the service from OhWaiter, you get:

  • Up to two tablets per location
  • A phone number for text messages
  • A tablet to view and respond to guest messages
  • A handbook and helpline for any customer questions

When a customer wants to order something, they use the number OhWaiter provides to text the message. The staff then uses one of the tablets to communicate with the customers about their orders.

Is OhWaiter for You?

If you are in the hospitality industry, the answer is a definite yes. Why, because it is not expensive, it is easy to use and customers don’t have to use another device.

At a time when people want to limit their point of contact, OhWaiter offers a solution with zero points of contact. Moreover, it has a great feature that doesn’t allow the staff to text your guests. The platform has pre-programmed responses to ensure the privacy and safety of your guests and simplify the communication.

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