A recent analysis by Ahrefs, a leading SEO platform, has identified the states where SEO professionals enjoy the highest disposable incomes, with New Mexico topping the list. This study provides valuable insights for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their online presence and hire skilled SEO professionals.

The study used salary data from various SEO roles such as SEO specialists, SEO writers, and SEO data analysts collected from Glassdoor. Ahrefs then compared these salaries against multiple cost of living factors, including utilities and groceries, across different states to calculate the disposable income of SEO workers. Furthermore, Ahrefs compared the average SEO salary in each state to the mean state salary to identify percentage increases, offering a deeper understanding of the financial benefits specific to the SEO industry.

According to the study, New Mexico is the highest-paying state for SEO workers, where professionals enjoy an annual disposable income of $40,158. This figure is based on an average SEO salary of $74,792.68, which is 37% higher than the state’s average salary of $54,400.

Texas and Nevada follow closely, with disposable incomes of $39,345 and $39,235, respectively. SEO professionals in Texas earn an average of $76,963.41, which is a 34% increase compared to the state’s average salary. Similarly, in Nevada, the average SEO salary is $76,292.68, marking a 37% increase from the state’s mean salary.

The study also highlights Maryland, Arkansas, Michigan, Washington, Wyoming, Iowa, and North Carolina as other top states where SEO professionals can thrive financially. For instance, Arkansas, ranking fifth, shows a remarkable 44% increase in average SEO salary compared to the state’s average, with SEO workers taking home a disposable income of $37,963 annually.

Tim Soulo, CMO at Ahrefs, commented on the findings, saying, “The demand for SEO workers is continuing to grow as many businesses are expanding their online presence. While the SEO salary is significantly higher than the mean salary in every state, it’s interesting to discover which states in particular can thrive in this industry. Many people may be unaware that a degree is not required to work in SEO – so these findings will hopefully encourage Americans to grasp the opportunity and dive into one of the world’s most exciting industries.”

For small business owners, these insights are crucial. The ability to understand where SEO professionals are compensated the most can help in making informed decisions about where to establish business operations or from where to source remote SEO talent. Additionally, the study underscores the economic value of SEO roles and their potential in contributing significantly above the average state salaries, making them an attractive career path for individuals without a traditional four-year degree.

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