New Skype Features Boost Its Business Value

Work has evolved to mean anywhere and anytime, and this is made possible because of digital technology. And platforms like Skype are adding more features to the collaborative and communications process to increase productivity.

A little over two months ago Skype added screen sharing, call recording, and subtitles on mobile devices. This time around the new features will allow you to draft messages, bookmark messages, preview media and files before sending, along with a new approach to display multiple photos or videos.

As more businesses allow their employees to work remotely and hire freelancers, these features will improve the overall workflow. For small businesses that are increasingly reliant on these changes in the workplace, Skype offers a great value.

The New Skype Features

Message Drafts

Saving drafts is one of the great tools in business. Because as any entrepreneur will tell you, not every message is finished in one sitting.

New Skype Features Boost Its Business Value

image: Skype With this new release, Skype now lets you save your drafts whether you are finished or you are interrupted. Any message which is unsent is now saved automatically as a draft. And when you have time you can continue where you left off, and send it when you are finished.

Message Bookmarks

If you are holding several meetings on Skype and you are sharing documents and links, the content can quickly add up. Message bookmarks can bookmark any message so you can go through it at a later time.

When you tap a message to be bookmarked, it is added to the Bookmarks screen and saved with all the other marked messages.

Preview Media Before You Share It

We’ve all sent the wrong file to a colleague, which is why the preview feature on Skype is a welcomed addition.

Whether it is photos, videos, or files you can now preview what you’ve selected before you send it. Every time you select a file you want to share, it is displayed in the message panel. This way you can see what it is before you click that send button.

New Skype Features Boost Its Business Value

image: SkypeAt the same time, you can add more files or remove one which is not supposed to be in there. And if the file needs a description, you can add a message along with the files.

Multiple Photos and Videos in An Album

The existing multiple video and photo display experience has been revamped by providing more archiving capability and control.

When you share multiple photos and videos at once, Skype will archive it and present it in a conversation. The content will be in an album in the chat history.

You can then see each image or video by navigating and clicking between them in the album.

Split Window Is Now Available for Mac and Linux

Split window lets you divide the screen by placing your conversation and contact list in separate halves.

This feature was made available first for Windows 10, but now Mac and Linux users can also enjoy the feature.

These new features are available on the latest version of Skype across all platforms, except for split window, which is currently only available on desktop.


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