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If your business uses numerous apps to perform everyday functions, you’ve likely encountered some technical problems. But the new Samsung AppStack may be a solution.

Those problems you’re having with all these apps may not be with the apps themselves. They’re probably a big help to your business. It’s the other side of using them. Updates from several different companies coming in all the time. And let’s not forget about the billing.

The more apps you use, the more your monthly subscription costs go up. And you’re paying multiple vendors which can cause a billing nightmare. Forgetting to pay to keep any of those subscriptions going could end up bringing your business to a halt, even if just for a little bit.

Samsung AppStack for Small Businesses

So, enter AppStack from Samsung.

Just released in the last week, Samsung AppStack brings together many of the apps your business probably already uses and bundles them together to save you money.

Samsung has worked out some exclusive bundle deals to simplify billing and potentially save you some money.

“Small businesses are an essential part of the U.S. economy, and they need our help,” says Taher Behbehani, Head of the Mobile B2B Division, SVP and General Manager, Samsung. “We created AppStack as a solution to empower them to modernize and adapt, save money and navigate the best services for their business. Until now, small businesses have been without a dedicated resource to help them meet the technology challenges of operating in today’s environment. AppStack addresses that white space, offering a one-stop shop to discover, deploy and centrally manage a curated selection of Apps that they need most.”

With the launch, small businesses can take advantage of free trials, competitive discounts and increased savings (tied to the number of Apps purchased).

How Samsung AppStack Works

The Samsung AppStack works to alleviate the headaches we mentioned that seem to happen from using different apps from multiple vendors.

First, you head to the AppStack home and shop through the myriad apps Samsung offers.

Right now, you can choose among these apps popular among small business owners:

  • GSuite
  • Paymo
  • Time Tracker by Ebillity
  • SignNow
  • pdfFiller
  • Canva
  • eHopper
  • Pipedrive
  • OnePageCRM

Those apps can help small businesses accomplish a lot of the tasks they complete every day. But just imagine having to pay for an individual subscription to each. And on top of that, imagine not getting a discount.

It’s probably not hard to imagine. You’re likely already doing that, at least with some of those that you’re already using.

More to Come from Samsung AppStack

Behbehani says there are more apps Samsung is working to add to AppStack in the near future. Some of those that should get added during the third quarter include:

  • ClickUp
  • Freshbooks
  • OpenText/Hightail
  • Seal Messenger

AppStack will work closely with partners and AppStack users to improve and evolve the platform. AppStack will identify and curate additional apps for the marketplace.

“The business landscape change significantly overnight, and small businesses need viable technology solutions to navigate these challenging times,” Behbehani said. “They must recalibrate, adjust to the new realities and be agile – with the hard pivot toward remote work and the shift of consumer preferences, online digital transformation is crucial for small businesses.”


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