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Today, there are national holidays and monthly celebrations for just about everything. In fact, there are over a thousand national holidays, national weeks and national months — many of which are relevant for small business marketing. Add bank holidays and major religious holidays, and that’s one crowded calendar for your small business!

Small businesses can use these holidays to create promotions or fun posts on social media. In fact, there are dedicated hashtags for various food days, people days, pet days, medical condition days, military days or industry days — it seems like every single day is a national holiday or national day of observance on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’ve ever wondered, “what national holiday is today?” — we’ve got you covered. Our hand-picked list of national holidays for marketing appears below. But before we get to that list of national days, we have some advice.

How to Use a List of National Holidays for Marketing in a Small Business

Are you in a pet related business, such as dog grooming or pet treats? If so, your customers may be interested in a special spa day you host on National Love Your Pet Day.

Own a coffee shop? Then National Coffee Day could be an awesome opportunity to run a sale on lattes or do a flash Facebook promotion to drive some foot traffic to your cafe.

Or perhaps you do financial planning or business succession planning. In that case you might want to highlight National Employee Appreciation Day on your blog to get some attention for your thought leadership in that niche.

Some national observance days are more popular than others, of course. You’ve probably never heard of Espresso Day (November 23), and probably never will again. On the other hand, every business owner knows Valentine’s Day — especially florists and candy shop owners.

However, for small businesses, some of the lesser-known national holidays might be your best marketing opportunities. Here’s why.

  • On a smaller national day you’re less likely to have your marketing campaign overshadowed by Big Mega Corp’s humongous marketing budget.
  • Some funny national holidays just make people smile, like National Make Your Bed Day in September. The fun factor alone could get you mileage (particularly if you run a furniture or mattress store!).
  • And weird national holidays like National Handbag Day on October 10 grab attention through their sheer … weirdness. Yet a day like that is perfect for marketing in a boutique or fashion eCommerce shop.

10 Ways to Use National Holidays for Marketing

Before we get to our list of national holidays, national weeks and national months below, we have some idea starters for how to use national holidays for marketing:

Use National Holidays on Social Media and in Content Marketing:

  • Create content for your blog highlighting a national holiday, national week or national month relevant to your business. You can publish the content on the day in question, but if you’re looking for potential search engine traffic, publish a post ahead of time. People may be searching in search engines before the holiday arrives. Then post another when the national holiday starts, linking back to your first one.
  • Share that content on social media, using the relevant hashtag. Others may find it when they search the hashtag on social media.
  • Include an image in your social post. Use a tool like Canva or Picmonkey to superimpose the name of the national holiday, the date and any relevant hashtag on the image, too. People love to share images to visibly show their support of national holidays, so a properly labeled image can increase shares.

Use National Holidays As a Reason to Run Sales and Specials:

  • Put something on sale or offer a special deal in honor of the national day observance.
  • Publicize your sale, by putting signs in your physical location if you have one.
  • Distribute details about the special deal to your email list and social media channels in honor of the day, week or month being commemorated.

Use National Holidays As a Theme for Events:

  • Hold a celebration at your office or a physical location in honor of the national holiday.
  • Invite customers to attend along with your team. It gets both groups more engaged with your business.
  • Take pictures celebrating the national day (or national week or national month).
  • Take the celebration online. Load pictures to social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, using the related hashtag such as #FarmersMarketWeek.
  • Repurpose the pictures along with a bit of background text about the celebration and use in your next customer newsletter. Or use the pictures to create an engagement-building post for your company blog. Put a blurb and picture in your website’s About page, too, about your celebration and support.

The above 10 quick and easy tips for using national holidays in marketing should get you started. But if you want more ideas for how to use holidays and national days, weeks or months in marketing, read:

Now that you have ideas for how to use national holidays for marketing a small business, let’s find a day or two to use in your marketing, shall we? Scroll down to browse the List of National Holidays for Small Business Marketing.

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Find Out What National Holiday is Today

January 2022


National Hobby Month
National Bath Safety Month
National Hot Tea Month
National Mentoring Month
National Soup Month
National Oatmeal Month
National Train Your Dog Month
National CBD Month
National Celebration of Life Week, January 1-7
National Letter Writing Week, January 9-15
National Pizza Week, January 9-15

January 2022 NATIONAL DAYS

New Year’s Day, January 1
Hangover Day, January 1
Bloody Mary Day, January 1
Buffet Day, January 2
National Science Fiction Day, January 2
Personal Trainer Awareness Day, January 2
Trivia Day, January 4
Spaghetti Day, January 4
Keto Day, January 5
Whipped Cream Day, January 5
Three Kings Day, January 6
Bubble Bath Day, January 8
Cut Your Energy Costs Day, January 10
Clean Off Your Desk Day, January 10
Milk Day, January 11
Shop for Travel Day, January 11
Pharmacist Day, January 12
Dress Up Your Pet Day, January 14
Hat Day, January 15
National Use Your Gift Card Day, January 15
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (observed), January 17
Popcorn Day, January 19
Cheese Lovers Day, January 20
Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, January 20
Granola Bar Day, January 21
Hugging Day, January 21
Pie Day, January 23
Peanut Butter Day, January 24
Beer Can Appreciation Day, January 24
Opposite Day, January 25
Plan for Vacation Day, January 25
Green Juice Day, January 26
Data Privacy Day, January 28
Fun at Work Day, January 28
Puzzle Day, January 29



American Heart Month
Black History Month
Cancer Prevention Month
Canned Food Month
Children’s Dental Health Month
Hot Breakfast Month
Responsible Pet Owner Month
Bake for Family Fun Month
Cherry Month
Pride in Food Service Week, February 6-12


Dark Chocolate Day, February 1
Freedom Day, February 1
Chinese New Year, February 1
Groundhog Day, February 2
Women Physicians Day, February 3
World Cancer Day, February 4
National Hemp Day, February 4
Frozen Yogurt Day, February 6
Send a Card to a Friend Day, February 7
Safer Internet Day, February 8
Clean Out Your Computer Day, February 8
Pizza Day, February 9
Toothache Day, February 9
Home Warranty Day, February 10
Inventors Day #InventorsDay, February 11
Make a Friend Day, February 11
Global Movie Day, February 12
Super Bowl LVI, February 13
Galentine’s Day, February 13
Valentine’s Day #ValentinesDay, February 14
Single’s Awareness Day, February 15
Almond Day, February 16
Caregivers Day, February 18
Drink Wine Day, February 18
Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay, February 20
Presidents Day #PresidentsDay, February 21
Grain-Free Day, February 21
Margarita Day, February 22
World Spay Day, February 22
Tortilla Chip Day, February 24
Toast Day, February 24
Chili Day, February 24
Floral Design Day, February 28

MARCH 2022


National Craft Month
National Women’s History Month
National Nutrition Month
National Athletic Training Month
National Frozen Food Month
National Kidney Month
National Noodle Month
National Peanut Month
National Credit Education Month
March Madness
Telecommuter Appreciation Week, March 3-9


Read Across America Day, March 2
Old Stuff Day, March 2
Cold Cuts Day, March 3
Music Day, March 4
Employee Appreciation Day, March 4
Dress Day, March 6
Dentists Day, March 6
Cereal Day, March 7
International Women’s Day, March 8
Proofreading Day, March 8
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, March 9
World Kidney Day, March 10
Daylight Savings Time, March 13
Pi Day, March 14
Potato Chip Day, March 14
Children’s Craft Day, March 14
Pancake Day, March 16
St. Patrick’s Day, March 17
Let’s Laugh Day, March 19
Poultry Day, March 19
Day of Happiness, March 20
Proposal Day, March 20
Spring Equinox, March 20
French Bread Day, March 21
World Water Day, March 22
National Ag Day, March 22
Puppy Day, March 23
Equal Pay Day, March 24
Start of Passover, March 27
National Mom and Pop Business Owners’ Day, March 29
Doctor’s Day, March 30
Backup Day, March 31
MLB Opening Day, March 31

APRIL 2022


Stress Awareness Month
Records and Information Management Month
Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
National Decorating Month
National Garden Month
Move More Month
Couple Appreciation Month
National Humor Month
National Pet Month
National Brunch Month
Financial Literacy Month
National Library Week, April 4-10


April Fools’ Day, April 1
MLB Opening Day, April 1
National Burrito Day, April 1
Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, April 2
Autism Awareness Day, April 2
Handmade Day, April 2
World Party Day, April 3
Easter, April 4
Deep Dish Pizza Day, April 5
Employee Benefits Day, April 6
Walking Day, April 7
Beer Day, April 7
Burrito Day, April 7
World Health Day, April 7
Zoo Lovers Day, April 8
Hug Your Dog Day, April 10
Siblings Day, April 10
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, April 12
Record Store Day, April 13
Laundry Day, April 15
High Five Day, April 15
Tax Day, April 15
Wear Pajamas to Work Day, April 16
Haiku Poetry Day, April 17
Easter, April 17
Chinese Language Day, April 20
Kindergarten Day, April 21
Get to Know Your Customers Day, April 21
Picnic Day, April 23
World Book Day, April 23
Hug a Plumber Day, April 25
Pretzel Day, April 26
Administrative Professionals’ Day, April 27
Denim Day, April 27
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, April 28
Arbor Day, April 29
International Dance Day, April 29
International Jazz Day, April 30

MAY 2022


Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
Dental Care Awareness Month
Jewish American Heritage Month
National Barbecue Month
National Hamburger Month
National Salad Month
Older Americans Month
Arthritis Awareness Month
Celiac Disease Awareness Month
Small Business Week, May 1-7


May Day, May 1
Free Comic Book Day, May 1
Textiles Day, May 3
Teachers’ Day, May 3
Star Wars Day, May 4
Cinco de Mayo, May 5
World Password Day, May 5
No Diet Day, May 6
Tourist Appreciation Day, May 6
Scrapbook Day, May 7
Fitness Day, May 7
Fair Trade Day, May 8
Mother’s Day, May 8
Eat What You Want Day, May 11
Receptionists’ Day, May 11
Limerick Day, May 12
Receptionist Day, May 12
Apple Pie Day, May 13
Miniature Golf Day, May 14
International Day of Families, May 15
Mimosa Day, May 16
Be a Millionaire Day, May 20
Pizza Party Day, May 20
Waitstaff Day, May 21
Pizza Party Day, May 21
Armed Forces Day, May 21
Scavenger Hunt Day, May 24
Wine Day, May 25
Road Trip Day, May 27
Hamburger Day, May 28
Learn About Composting Day, May 29
Creativity Day, May 30
No Tobacco Day, May 31
Memorial Day, May 31

JUNE 2022


Candy Month
Men’s Health Month
Pride Month
Fruit and Vegetables Month
Dairy Month
DJ Month
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
Great Outdoors Month
Fishing and Boating Week, June 5-11
Email Week, June 6-10


Global Running Day, June 2
Leave the Office Early Day, June 2
Bicycle Day, June 3
Egg Day, June 3
Donut Day, June 3
Cheese Day, June 4
World Environment Day, June 5
D-Day, June 6
Best Friend’s Day, June 8
World Oceans Day, June 8
National Movie Night, June 10
Rosé Day, June 11
Children’s Day, June 12
Sewing Machine Day, June 13
Flag Day, June 14
Fudge Day, June 16
Eat Your Vegetables Day, June 17
Go Fishing Day, June 18
Sushi Day, June 18
Juneteenth, June 19
Father’s Day, June 19
Box Day, June 19
Martini Day, June 19
Summer Solstice, June 21
World Day of Music, June 21
Take Your Cat to Work Day, June 21
International Yoga Day, June 21
Selfie Day, June 21
Hydration Day, June 23
Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 24
Bingo Day, June 27
Insurance Awareness Day, June 28
Camera Day, June 29
Social Media Day, June 30

JULY 2022


National Independent Retailer Month
Ice Cream Month
National Grilling Month
Wheat Month
Watermelon Month
Social Wellness Month
Hemp Month
World Watercolor Month


Canada Day, July 1
International Joke Day, July 1
Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, July 1
Independence Day, July 4
Fried Chicken Day, July 6
Dive Bar Day, July 7
Video Game Day, July 8
Kitten Day, July 10
Simplicity Day, July 12
French Fry Day, July 13
Mac and Cheese Day, July 14
Emoji Day, July 17
Lottery Day, July 17
Tattoo Day, July 17
Ice Cream Day, July 17
Fortune Cookie Day, July 20
Hot Dog Day, July 20
Junk Food Day, July 21
Get to Know Your Customers Day, July 21
Drive Thru Day, July 24
Parents’ Day, July 24
Wine and Cheese Day, July 25
Hire a Veteran Day, July 25
Islamic New Year, July 29-30
International Day of Friendship, July 30
National System Administrator Appreciation Day, July 30



Back to School Month
Eye Exam Month
Breastfeeding Month
Dog Month
Family Fun Month
Wellness Month
National Bargain Hunting Week, August 7-13
National Farmers’ Market Week, August 1-7


Girlfriend’s Day, August 1
International Beer Day, August 5
Play Outside Day, August 6
Purple Heart Day, August 7
American Family Day, August 7
Friendship Day, August 7
CBD Day, August 8
Book Lovers Day, August 9
S’mores Day, August 10
Lazy Day, August 10
International Youth Day, August 12
Bowling Day, August 13
Left Handers’ Day, August 13
Relaxation Day, August 15
Roller Coaster Day, August 16
Tell a Joke Day, August 16
Non-Profit Day, August 17
Black Cat Day, August 17
World Photography Day, August 19
Aviation Day, August 19
Senior Citizens’ Day, August 21
National Waffle Day, August 24
Women’s Equality Day, August 26
National Dog Day #NationalDogDay, August 26
Red Wine Day, August 28
Bacon Day, August 31
Eat Outside Day, August 31



National Courtesy Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
Self-Improvement Month
Baby Safety Month
Better Breakfast Month
Sewing Month
Chicken Month
National Payroll Week, September 5-9
National Indoor Plant Week, Third week in September


VJ Day, September 2
Bowling League Day, September 3
College Colors Day, September 4
International Day of Charity, September 5
Cheese Pizza Day, September 5
Labor Day, September 5
Read a Book Day, September 6
Beer Lovers’ Day, September 7
Patriot’s Day, September 11
Grandparents’ Day, September 11
Video Games Day, September 12
Boss/Employee Exchange Day, September 12
Day of the Programmer, September 13
Parents Day Off, September 14
Online Learning Day, September 15
Working Parents Day, September 16
Tradesmen Day, September 16
Constitution Day, September 17
Citizenship Day, September 17
Start of Oktoberfest, September 17
National Cheeseburger Day, September 18
National Pepperoni Pizza Day, September 20
IT Professionals Day, September 20
International Day of Peace, September 21
Fall Equinox, September 22
Ic Cream Cone Day, September 22
Start of Rosh Hashanah, September 25
Comic Book Day, September 25
Hunting and Fishing Day, September 25
Pancake Day, September 26
Family Day, September 26
World Tourism Day, September 27
Women’s Health and Fitness Day, September 28
Coffee Day, September 29
Podcast Day, September 30



Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Emotional Wellness Month
Employee Ownership Month
Financial Planning Month
Global Diversity Awareness Month
International Strategic Planning Month
National Bake and Decorate Month
National Cookbook Month
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
National Ergonomics Month
National Fair Trade Month
National Work and Family Month
Positive Attitude Month
Right Brainers Rule! Month
Self-Promotion Month
Workplace Politics Awareness Month
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Pizza Month
Dental Hygiene Month
National Work From Home Week, October 4-10
Get Organized Week, October 4-10
Customer Service Week, October 4-10
Drive Safely Work Week, October 7-11


International Coffee Day, October 1
World Vegetarian Day, October 1
World Smile Day, October 1
Child Health Day, October 3
Taco Day, October 4
Start of Yom Kippur, October 4
Columbus Day, October 10
Indigenous People’s Day, October 10
World Mental Health Day, October 10
Canadian Thanksgiving, October 10
Coming Out Day, October 11
Physician’s Assistant Day, October 12
Dessert Day, October 14
Sweetest Day, October 15
Boss’s Day, October 17
Pasta Day, October 17
Evaluate Your Life Day, October 19
International Nacho Day, October 21
Make a Difference Day, October 23
United Nations Day, October 24
Diwali, October 24
National Cat Day #NationalCatDay, October 29
Halloween, October 31



National Inspirational Role Models Month
Child Safety Protection Month
Diabetes Awareness Month
Native American Heritage Month
Real Jewelry Month
Sleep Comfort Month
International Fraud Awareness Week, November 8-14
National Deal Week, November 25-December 1


Daylight Saving Time Ends (U.S.), November 7
All Saints Day, November 1
Sandwich Day, November 3
National Stress Awareness Day, November 3
Love Your Lawyer Day, November 5
Daylight Savings Time Ends, November 6
Election Day, November 8
Singles’ Day, November 11
Veterans Day, November 11
World Kindness Day, November 13
America Recycles Day, November 15
Fast Food Day, November 16
Take a Hike Day, November 17
International Mens’ Day, November 19
Trans Day of Remembrance, November 20
Universal Children’s Day, November 20
World Television Day, November 21
Espresso Day, November 23
Thanksgiving Day, November 24
Black Friday, November 25
Small Business Saturday #ShopSmall, November 26
Start of Advent, November 27
Cyber Monday, November 28
Giving Tuesday, November 29



National Tie Month
National Write a Business Plan Month
Bingo Month
Write a Friend Month
Learn a Foreign Language Month


International Day of Persons With Disabilities, December 3
Cookie Day, December 4
Volunteer Day, December 5
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7
Human Rights Day, December 10
International Mountain Day, December 11
Green Monday, December 13
Wright Brothers Day, December 17
Start of Hanukkah, December 18
Winter Solstice, December 21
Festivus, December 23
Christmas Eve, December 24
Christmas, December 25
Kwanzaa, December 26
National Thank You Note Day, December 26
Boxing Day (Canada), December 26
No Interruptions Day, December 27
Tick Tock Day, December 29
Make Up Your Mind Day, December 31
New Year’s Eve, December 31

So the next time someone asks, “what national holiday is today?” — you won’t be without an answer.

Please note: some in the above list of national holidays are repeated quarterly, such as Get to Know Your Customers Day. Other days or weeks change from year to year.

And don’t forget to check out the following additional tips for national holiday marketing:

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