Invoice2go, providers of an all-in-one invoicing solution for small businesses, has launched a raft of new features. The new suite of tools is designed to empower small businesses to get paid faster, streamline operations, and generate more work.

The six new features include a website builder, designed to allow small businesses to quickly establish an online presence.

Another new feature is integrated apps, which merges external business tools with Invoice2go, allowing businesses to check off daily tasks and encourage growth at a manageable pace.

Invoice2go Money

Invoice2go has also launched a new no-cost method for businesses to receive payment securely and streamline invoicing, known as Invoice2go Money.

Through the Projects features, small businesses can keep their work organized and reduce the time involved in the negotiation for a new client project.

Make the Most of Positive Reviews

A new Reviews feature is designed to help small businesses make the most of positive reviews. The Reviews facility automatically collects reviews and ratings from a business’s clients that appear on an Invoice2go user’s Instant Website. The Reviews feature can also be used for email and text-based marketing.

Simplifying Running a Business

The past 18 months has seen the business world turned on its head. Digitalizing operations like marketing and workflow has never been more important. As a consequence, small business owners are having to juggle multiple hats, such as digital marketing and bookkeeping.

Technology, like the tools offered by Invoice2go, are proving invaluable in helping small businesses adapt to new digital demands and trends. From professional websites to customizable invoices, the savviest of businesses are utilizing the tools available to them to streamline operations, reach out to more customers and ultimately grow.

Mark Lenhard, CEO of Invoice2go, commented on how the right technology can give small businesses the impetus for growth.

“The self-employed account for more than 60 million professionals in the US alone and contribute trillions to its economy. They have to constantly fight to win more business and build predictable cash-flow, especially over the past 16 months. At the same time, they have to wear multiple hats – from sales and marketing, to service delivery, to finance and payments, and back-office admin – to run their business. That’s why we exist: We offer the most straightforward tools to help small businesses streamline their work and stay in control. As digital operations become more of a necessity, Invoice2Go makes running business simple.”

Streamlining Business Communications and Operations

With Invoice2go Money, small business owners can wave goodbye to bookkeeping and waiting weeks before they get paid. Invoice2go Money users can streamline invoicing, payments and banking in one place with low fees.

The Invoice2Go Money features will also offer small businesses access to short-term loans. The loans are currently being piloted and are expected to be rolled out in full in late 2021.

The Projects and Engage features streamline communications for small businesses and freelancers. By streamlining operations, businesses have more time focusing on the ‘bread and butter’ elements of their business.

With Integrated Apps, small businesses can benefit from top cloud accounting software Intuit Quickbooks and Xero.

The Instant Websites feature allows freelancers and small businesses to establish and maintain an online presence. With just a few simple clicks, the information saved on their invoice2go account is utilized into an instant website.

Subscription plans for Invoice2Go range from $5.99 to $39.99 a month. Each plan comes with access for unlimited team members and an unlimited number of invoices.

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