If a customer walks through your door, you’ve likely told yourself or your employees — put on your happy face.

Well, we learned this week, you need to start saying — put on your happier face.

A new consumer survey found customers expect small businesses like yours to be friendlier than the big box store down the road. That’s right. They expect it.

So, in order to deliver a great customer experience, you need to meet this expectation. Of course, this doesn’t mean putting on some artificial grin. Consumers are savvier by the day and they can spot a phony.

But this should make you think … how do you get yourself and your team in a better mood every day they’re at work?

Take a look at this survey for more insights. And be sure to check out the rest of the week’s headlines in our small business news roundup below:


Would You Let a Robot Fire Your Employees? Amazon Did, Report Says

Amazon warehouse workers are monitored by tracking systems that measure each employee’s productivity, issue warnings for workers that lag and fire those consistently behind, according to documents obtained by The Verge. Amazon Automated Firing System Amazon offers a base $15 an hour wage and its warehouses, called fulfillment centers, are often competitive to work at.

Marketing Tips

46% of Consumers Want to Deal with Ecommerce Issues through Email

How you respond to your customers is a good indicator of the long-term success of your business. And as more people shop online, this will entail addressing issues with eCommerce. This means making as many communication options as possible. According to a report from Sykes, only 26% of eCommerce sites provide an email address.

Retail Trends

Attention Retailers: Secrets of Good Customer Service Revealed

If you’re a retailer, you don’t need me to tell you how competitive the industry has become. Providing great retail customer service has always been important to business owners who take pride in their work — but today, it can be a matter of business survival. According to BPR Consulting, nearly two-thirds of shoppers will stop visiting a store after just one bad experience.

Small Business Operations

Attention Transportation Businesses: New CDL License Requirements You MUST Understand

There are new rules coming into effect for entry-level truck driver training (ELDT) in February 2020 that small businesses need to know about. The changes will affect drivers looking to get a commercial license (CDL) for the first time or when upgrading.

55% of Small Business Owners Would Pay for their Data in a Ransomware Attack

Businesses value their data so much more than half will pay cyber criminals to get it back. The AppRiver Cyberthreat Index for Business Survey says 55% of small businesses will pay in the event of a ransomware attack. And willingness to pay increases to 74% for larger small businesses. In fact, 39% say they will pay almost any price.

Lower Corporate Tax Rates Make C Corporations More Attractive to Small Businesses

For years, experts (myself included) often advised startups and small businesses to consider the Limited Liability Company (LLC). The alternative C Corporation possessed less flexibility, ease of administration and tax advantages. However, changes in the tax law from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now create a new potential for big tax savings.

Technology Trends

Only 48% of Restaurant Owners Feel Prepared to Capitalize on Future Mobile Innovations

Mobile has become an integral part of the food and beverage industry. For restaurant owners, this technology has introduced new levels of efficiency in front and backend operations. But according to a new survey by Oracle, only 48% of owners feel prepared to capitalize on future mobile innovations.

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