If you own a restaurant, you likely have heard about the plant-based meat trend.

Running a Burger King franchise in the U.S.? You just introduced the Impossible Whopper to customers. The company behind the plant-based meat material plans more products for other restaurants, too.

So, make no mistake, you’ll see plenty of plant-based meat alternatives emerge in the food industry in the near future. As a result, you’ll want to prepare.

If you’re not a BK owner, you’re likely wondering how and if you should add this new product to your menu. Consider that 5% of your customer base is vegetarian. And so many more have considered going vegetarian, even for a little bit.

As the trend becomes a nationwide phenomenon, we look at whether it’s time for your food business to consider this meat alternative.

Also, check out the rest of the week in small business headlines with our news roundup below:

Technology Trends

48% of Small Business Employees Have Access to Too Much Company Data

The issue of data protection is part of the conversation about cybersecurity and hackers. And in most cases, it addresses the external threats the data may be vulnerable to. But according to a report from GetApp, the company data employees access can be just as vulnerable. In its report, GetApp says 48% of employees have more access than they need to perform their job.

AT&T Employees Unlock Millions of Phones, Is Your Business Phone Safe?

Muhammad Fahd allegedly paid AT&T employees hundreds of thousands of dollars to unlock two million phones over five years, costing the company millions, according to the Department of Justice. Fahd, 34, from Pakistan, allegedly paid multiple employees hundreds of thousands of dollars to unlock phones from AT&T, according to the DOJ’s statement.

Ring for Business Introduces New DIY Security System for SMBs

The word “disrupt” is bandied about in the tech world regularly, but in the case of ring it really is disruptive. In the six years the company has been around, it has revolutionized home security, and it is now after the business segment. Ring for Business looks to transform business security the same way it did with home security. The model is simple.

Cognytics Helps Small Businesses with Better Data Visualization

Mention data analytics to a small business owner and they might think it is the domain of large enterprises, but it is no longer the case. This is because small businesses are also generating massive amounts of data. And if the business optimizes this data through analytics, it can capitalize on next-level growth opportunities.

Zipwhip Lets You Manage Business Texts from Your Landline

Considering how popular and efficient texting is, it is surprising there haven’t been more desktop apps for businesses. But according to Zipwhip, it is the first company to introduce a texting-for-business desktop app. For small businesses looking to improve the engagement rate with their customers, the desktop app is going to be amazing.


Back Pain at Work – And How to Prevent It (INFOGRAPHIC)

If there is a condition most everyone can relate to, it is back pain. And as more people sit all day in their workplace, the problem is bound to get worse. But there are things you can do to prevent, manage and even get rid of your back pain. A new infographic developed by Nowsourcing for Online Mattress Review has some valuable information about back pain.


Ciara is a Virtual Assistant Exclusively for Inside Sales Reps

Outside sales is still around, but compared to inside sales it is trending down. Driven by digital technology, inside sales is allowing businesses to lower costs and increase their level of efficiency. One of the technologies looking to improve on this is Ciara, the first digital virtual assistant for inside sales representatives.

Small Business Operations

Best Work Trucks for Your Small Business

There comes a time when delivering your products in a commuter car doesn’t cut it anymore. Here’s what you need to look for in a work truck for your small business once you become successful. The right vehicle for your small business depends on a few things. But you need to start choosing one by matching your needs with the business you’re in.

Social Media

Why Small Instagram Influencers Are Better for Your Business

Instagram influencer marketing is growing. While the exact value of the market is hard to pin down, SBT reported it surpassed the $1 billion mark in 2017. And it is now estimated at over $2 billion. No matter where the market value currently stands, there is no doubt Instagram gives brands access to a large audience.

Instagram Removes Like Counts, How Should Marketers Adjust?

Instagram has a rollout program to measure what happens if they eliminate likes. It started in Canada. But now it’s expanded to six more countries. The U.S. isn’t included yet. Dr. Dustin York is assistant professor of communications and director of undergraduate and graduate communications programs at Maryville University.

Facebook Libra: Give Us 5 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Facts

It’s been a month since Facebook announced its plans to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra in 2020, and ever since then everyone from Mark Cuban to President Trump has voiced an opinion. The dust has (somewhat) settled, and we’re excited to see how this project unfolds in the months to come.


What Small Businesses Can Learn From the US Women’s National Soccer Team

I spend most of my weekends watching my daughter’s U15 soccer games or driving to tournaments, so it’s only natural that I was riveted watching the US Women’s soccer team’s World Cup run.

96% of Self-Employed Professionals Don’t Want “Regular Jobs”

The path to small business success is never smooth. Sometimes, you may feel like quitting and joining a regular job because you are not making progress towards your goals. But should you really go back to the 9-to-5 grind? According to a new survey from FreshBooks, 96% of the self-employed professionals have no desire to return to a “regular job”.

80% of Rural Entrepreneurs Say They Are Better Off Than Urban Counterparts

Ask any entrepreneur why they went into business, and improving their quality of life will almost always rank in the top three answers. And more often than not, the location of the business and where they live will also play an important role. According to research from SCORE, rural entrepreneurs are reporting a better quality of life compared to their urban counterparts.

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