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Keap is honored the “Big Grit” of Entrepreneurs during its annual IKON event.

During 2020, some small businesses emerged from the challenges of operating as thriving leaders. That’s because those businesses had a combination of perseverance and tenacity called grit.

“They (those businesses) had the courage to find solutions,” said Keap CEO and cofounder Clate Mask. “We love seeing that in our customers – we revere it.”

Keap IKON 2020

Mask paid homage to those dedicated entrepreneurs during Keap’s IKON 2020. The annual event gathers a community of business users and partners from all over the world. At IKON, Keap members can connect with sales, marketing and technology experts through 30 breakouts and workshops, as well as presentations.

Keap, at the forefront in CRM, sales and marketing automation since 2001, bills IKON as “the world’s most empowering small business event.” Mask attributed business success in 2020 to the entrepreneurial spirit.

“Entrepreneurs are growth-oriented, they won’t give up, and they want to be great,” Mask said during his Keynote presentation, “Big Grit and the Impact of Entrepreneurship.” “Entrepreneurial small businesses are gritty – that’s who we are too, and that’s who we serve.”

Small Businesses Lead the Charge to Recovery

Mask said that small business entrepreneurs are “leading the charge, not waiting.”

“You can say, What a year, and bury your head in the sand,” he said. “Or you can say, What a year, and act using everything you have learned.”

Mask said that having grit was the difference.

“In all kinds of industries, businesses have had their best year ever,” he said. “Entrepreneurs adapt; they say, what are we going to do about it?”

Changes Coming for Keap in 2021

Keap includes its employees and partners, as well as customers. Mask calls Keap “a community of people empowering each other.”

Keap has always specialized in sales and marketing automation. It has a wide range of customers, including consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs in many fields, including services, start-ups, and others.

In 2021, Keap will take steps to unify its brand, as well as its customers, under one name. For many years, one of Keap’s components has been Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is the industry’s longest-running and most powerful product, offering an all-in-one solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation, fully customizable campaigns, and powerful app integration. Keap membership options in 2020 included Grow, Pro and Max, as well as Infusionsoft.

By February 2021, Infusionsoft will become Max Classic. It will be essentially the same product, with improvements similar to improvements in the Grow, Pro and Max options. There will be no cost difference between Max and Max Classic.

Grow, Pro, Max and Max Classic Overall Improvements for 2021

  1. Improved e-commerce, to automate and manage online sales.
  2. MFA – multifactor authentication will be available, to add a mobile device with an additional authentication step. This feature will be optional.
  3. SMS in automation – automation of promotional messaging and transactional messages.

“We wanted to unify our product line under the Keap brand,” Mask explained. “At the same time, we will expand the existing features in the Keap product line.”

Small business owners can watch Mask’s keynote, the product keynote and the customer awards on Facebook beginning November 16.


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