You know what happens when you see something you really like. You can’t help it. You just have to take another look.

In other words, a double take.

And that’s how Double Take Fashions got its name.

“We were inspired by that phrase,” said Ralph Mizrahi, Double Take Fashions. “Our focus is on women’s wear, and we wanted to create designs that you see, and do a double take.”

Double Take Fashions Business Niche

Mizrahi said that Double Take Fashions designs and manufactures a complete line of women’s wear.

“Sportswear, dresses, from there, a bit of everything,” he said. “We like to provide the latest fashions at good prices.”

Manufacturing is primarily accomplished in New York City.

Biggest Challenge and Win

Calling the New York City fashion industry “competitive” is an understatement.

“To succeed, we definitely had to have an edge,” Mizrahi said. “In such a competitive environment, you have to be fast.

“That’s the nature of the business, and the nature of the business model we have.”

Mizrahi credited Zoho Creator with giving Double Take Fashions that edge.

“We can get from an idea to the retail floor in four weeks or less,” he said. “For us Zoho Creator has been a dream come true.”

How Zoho Creator Fit for Double Take Fashions

One of the biggest challenges for Double Take Fashions was smooth communications between two locations, one for sales, and one for production.

“Before we started using Creator, we often had times when one of those locations didn’t know what was happening at the other location,” Mizrahi said. “The information wasn’t going to the right person.”

“With the Creator platform allowing us to leverage low code technology, the information goes right where it needs to be,” he said. “What a sales person punches in, the whole team can see it, and see it the way they need to see it, and communicate within the team.”

Branching Out with Creator

Mizrahi quickly realized that the Zoho Creator technology could solve other challenges – outside the business world.

“The app helped with the kids’ school – where there are more than 1,000 kids in the transportation system,” he said. “The low code technology solved all the complexity.”

Double Take Fashions Helped During Pandemic

Like many companies did in 2020, Double Take Fashions pivoted on what it normally does to help in the pandemic effort.

Fashion companies and others in textiles were critical in the early going of the response, helping in the creation of PPE where there were shortages. And Double Take Fashions was no different.

“For a time we stopped making Double Take garments and we were sewing isolation gowns,” Mizrahi said. “It was nice to be in a position to be able to help.”

Double Take Fashions Going Forward

Also like many other companies, last year presented a number of unique challenges to Double Take Fashions.

The pandemic wasn’t the first challenge. It certainly won’t be the last. And Mizrahi says the company is ready to meet them. Zoho Creator, as it has in the past, will play a key role in allowing them to do that.

“Manufacturing quality clothing always has its challenges,” Mizrahi said. “We’re going to keep using Creator and keep getting better at what we do.”

Behind the Scenes

If you’re interested in learning more about what took place behind the scenes at Double Take Fashion, you can do so by visiting this Double Take Fashion story page.

There’s even a free downloadable eBook available there that shares how they streamlined and enhanced their apparel manufacturing business by building a custom application using Zoho Creator.

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