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Small businesses make up a vital part of our economy and are crucial for helping local communities thrive. Where possible, we should always try to support small businesses, but it’s not always easy to figure out how or what the best ways to contribute towards black owned business growth. For this article, we’ll look at how to support small business in more detail, specifically exploring how to support black owned businesses in different ways.

Ways to Support a Black Business Owner or Black Owned Business

1. Go out of your way to shop at black owned businesses

The best way to support black owned businesses? With your dollars. Businesses need customers to thrive, and being intentional about where you shop from makes a significant difference for black owned businesses. Skip major retailers where possible and try to spend more consciously if possible. Make it a point to research black business owners to ensure you’re supporting local businesses and the black community when you are out shopping.

2. Promote black owned businesses on social media

Even if you’re not able to monetarily support black owned businesses, spreading the word is just as important! Promote businesses on social media by sharing your positive experiences, building awareness around local businesses, and help them draw in new customers. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are all important channels for small businesses, and you can share content to encourage others to shop from black owned businesses.

3. Set a set amount of money in your budget to support black owned restaurants and businesses

If you’re looking for ways to support small businesses consistently, try to allocate some money towards them every month. For example, if you usually spend a certain amount eating out, try to make at least one of the meals from a small business. That way, you get to try something new while also supporting entrepreneurship in a consistent way.

4. Write and post reviews of great black owned shops and businesses

Found a business that provided excellent service or products and is owned by black business partners? Post reviews about it! Shoppers increasingly rely on reviews to make purchasing decisions, and every review helps. Writing detailed, positive reviews across platforms like Google, Yelp, or for their Etsy shop (depending on the business) helps boost their visibility and helps them gain new customers.

5. Offer mentorship and resources where possible

Another way to support small business is to provide mentorship and resources where possible. Is there a way you can help the business grow? Whether it’s providing pro bono consulting services, or mentoring young business leaders, consider where you can add value for underserved communities.

Amazing Organizations that Support Black Owned Small Businesses

There are many organizations out there that are tirelessly working to support and grow black owned businesses, including new businesses, local artisans, and growing businesses.

  1. Black Founders: Black Founders are a team of entrepreneurs, innovators, and community organizers developing services and providing resources to black entrepreneurs across different business areas.
  2. Minority Business Certifications: Minority business certifications for any business where a minority owns at least 25% of the firm. Provide networking and resources for minority-owned businesses.
  3. Minority Business Development Agency: MBDA is a federal agency and the only agency that focuses on helping minority business enterprises grow and become competitive at a global scale.
  4. Black Owned Everything: A centralized resource to help people find black owned brands ranging from clothing, accessories brands, beauty products, home decor, and other brands owned by black women and black men.
  5. Small Business Empowerment Program: Operation HOPE’s Small Business Empowerment Program focuses on helping small businesses grow through an 8-week entrepreneurship course and other resources.
  6. Local Chapters of Black Business Association: The Black Business Association has local chapters all over the country that are dedicated to providing support, resources, and advocacy around growing minority-owned businesses.
  7. Coalition to Back Black Businesses: The Coalition to Back Black Businesses focuses on providing financial assistance and resources that support black small business owners and their communities.

12 Black Owned Businesses to Support

If you’re looking for black owned brands to support, we’ve rounded up some amazing ones for you to check out. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, think of it as a starting point as you start spending more money more consciously and supporting small businesses where possible.

1. UOMA Beauty

UOMA Beauty is one of the best beauty brands out there. The cosmetics company focuses on developing products based on skin tone and catering to different skin tones. UOMA Beauty cosmetics are designed to empower women and use high-quality vegetation natural ingredients and formulations for their products.

2. Love Vera

Love Vera is making a name for itself in the fashion industry with its stylish clothing, such as beautiful lingerie. Love Vera was created by a fashion designer who wanted to embrace beauty in all shapes and sizes and celebrate black talent and inclusiveness.

3 KNC Beauty

KNC Beauty offers a host of beauty products for customers to choose from, including fun face masks and nourishing lip masks. KNC Beauty focuses on providing body care and beauty products branded with their unique colors and designs to create fantastic self-care products.

4. Fatburger

Fatburger is one of the top black owned restaurants both in the US and abroad and a mainstay of the food industry. Founded in 1947 by African American Lovie Yancey, Fatburger still provides delicious food and mouthwatering burgers to guests across the country and globally at its many locations.

5. Brave and Kind Bookshop

Brave and Kind is a black woman owned bookstore that has a wide range of books for both children and grown-ups. Books are thoughtfully curated and selected based on inclusiveness, diversity, and artfulness to ensure that any books taking up shelf space add immense value.

6. Fenty Beauty

Entrepreneur and singer Rihanna has created one of the most prominent black owned beauty brands globally with Fenty Beauty. Fenty Beauty features a wide range of products ranging from lipsticks, lip stains, mascara, and more. The brand is also known for its foundation for different skin tones and is thoughtfully designed to provide more inclusiveness in the beauty space.

7. Harpo Inc.

One of the biggest black owned businesses in the US is Harpo Inc, which is owned by Oprah Winfrey. Harpo Inc is a multimedia production company and includes a TV channel, The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and O, The Oprah Magazine.

8. Grillz and Granola

Fitness enthusiasts should definitely check out Grillz and Granola for a unique (and sweaty!) exercise session. Grillz and Granola are all about empowering women through fitness by combining trap, R & R&B, rap, and jumping jacks. They offer both live and virtual workout sessions and are making a name for themselves in the wellness space.

9. Lemlem

Lemlem is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand featuring resort wear made entirely in Africa. Items are handwoven in Ethiopia, and the brand is committed to supporting minority artisans and celebrating traditional techniques to create their garments.

10. Puzzle Huddle

Puzzle Huddle was created by Matthew and Marnel, a young couple who focuses on showing diversity creatively. Puzzle Huddle has both simple and complex puzzles that feature diverse characters with a particular focus on STEM characters. They also offer additional products such as blankets, pillows, apparel, and more.

11. Johnson Publishing Company

Johnson Publishing Company was founded by African-American businessman John H. Johnson in 1942 and continues to be one of the biggest black owned businesses in the country. Johnson Publishing Company is the magazine publisher behind Ebony, a famed magazine, and several other brands.

12. FUBU

FUBU is a contemporary sportswear brand founded in 1992 and has grown exponentially since. FUBU stands for For Us, By Us and has been a staple apparel brand that spans casual wear, formal wear, accessories, and other products. FUBU is also expanding into other products, such as multimedia, as it continues to grow.

How to Find Black Owned Businesses

There are many resources available to find black owned small businesses, including the ones discussed above. In addition, you can search for other brands to support by searching for them online on social media and other channels. Finally, you can also search for black owned small businesses within your local community that you can support.

What percentage of small businesses are black owned?

According to the latest statistics by the US census, Blacks or African Americans own approximately 124,551 businesses in the United States. Although a smaller percentage compared to other minorities, the number of black-owned businesses continues to rise.

What is the biggest black owned business in the U.S beauty industry?

There are many contenders for the biggest black owned business in the US beauty industry. Currently, Fenty Beauty is considered the biggest black owned business in the US beauty industry and is projected to grow even more as it expands its product lines.

What is the biggest black owned business in the United States?

The biggest black owned business In the United States is Fatburger. It has been operating for several decades in the United States and also has a large global presence. While other black owned businesses are growing rapidly, Fatburger continues to be the biggest one at this point in time.

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