The Benefits of Animated Social Media Videos

Today’s Internet users are posting, watching and sharing video with greater frequency. This trend has led business to use video as a tool for connecting and engaging with their audience on websites, blogs, and social media. And one of these tools is animation.

An infographic by Prismart titled, “Standing Out on Social Media with Animated Videos” looks at the benefit of using animation to engage with users.

Compared to the high cost of live video production, animation provides an affordable solution for small businesses. It also makes it possible to bring any concept to life. Animation doesn’t limit your imagination no matter how complex the idea.

Why Use Animated Social Media Videos?

If you have any type of digital presence, increasing the online engagement and traffic as well as lowering your bounce rate is essential. Compared to text-based content, animation is able to deliver on these points while encouraging users to share the content and visit the site more often.

According to Prismart, animation allows you to describe any concept simply. Whether it is complex data, providing tutorials, company operations, or explaining new products and services, you can do it with animation easily and affordably.

Cost is one of the biggest reasons why businesses don’t use live-action video, which makes animation a great alternative. A cloud-based solution with a monthly subscription can offer your business all the tools you need to create animated content.

Having all the tools for creating an animated video at your disposal anytime also means you can create the content quickly whenever you need it. This will allow you to add new videos for special promotions,  address any related news and events in your industry, or even create content based on customer requests.

The Growth of Video

The rapid growth of video in the past five years can be attributed to developments in smartphone and wireless broadband technology. And with 5G set to arrive in 2019, the growth in video consumption will multiply many folds.

A study carried out by Intel and Ovum revealed video will account for 90% of all 5G traffic in the next 10 years. The study said the average monthly traffic per 5G subscriber will grow from 11.7GB in 2019 to 84.4GB per month in 2028.

Businesses who don’t use video now are already at a disadvantage. In the coming years not having video will be a deal breaker for a large number of internet users who will demand and expect video to answer questions and provide information they need.

You can look at the Prismart infographic below.

The Benefits of Animated Social Media Videos


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