All small business owners seek some type of success- either in terms of financial gain or happiness for themselves or their customers. The paths to financial success are well documented with plenty of people giving advice. But is there a formula for happiness? If there is, I know that every small business owner would want to know what is is and use it at their company.

My guest on The Small Business Radio show this week is Alphonsus Obayuwana, MD, PhD, CPC, who is a physician-scientist, a happiness coach, and the founder and CEO of Triple-H Project LLC. He is the author of “The Happiness Formula: Using Science to Understand Personal Satisfaction, Human Hope, and Subjective Well-Being.”

In my interview, Alphonsus explains the intricacies of measuring these emotional states and offers practical strategies for fostering hope while mitigating hunger. His insights are not just theoretical; they are backed by scientific research he has done as a physician and his tools can be applied to improve our daily lives and business endeavors.

Here is what we discussed on the show this week:

  1. Why as a scientist and medical physician, did he write a book on the formula for happiness? What is the proven science behind finding happiness in business and your personal life?
  2. Why should this book be of interest to a small business owner or a manager?
  3. What is the happiness formula? (Alphonsus states it as Happiness = Hope minus Hunger).
  4. How can we increase hope or reduce our hunger to produce greater happiness? Do I need to do both to become happier?
  5. Who does increasing happiness benefit the most; owners, employers, or the employees? Why a higher happiness score among your employees helps your business, your customers and your vendors.

Listen to the entire interview on The Small Business Radio Show.


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