We’re near that time of year, football season.

And that means we’re going to see the latest in creative touchdown celebrations.

But what do you do when you score a proverbial touchdown in business?

It doesn’t make sense to spike a ball but those wins in business — both big and small — do deserve a least a pat on the back.

This could be anything from landing a big new client to scoring a great deal on your next business flight.

These little celebrations can get addictive. It confirms the old saying, “success breeds success.” And these celebrations don’t even have to be outlandish or even audible.

Maybe it’s a high-five with one of your salespeople who just landed a big deal for your company. Someone in your company just welcome a new member to their family? A creative and thoughtful email can celebrate the occasion nicely.

These are just a few ideas.

Tell us in our poll question below: How do you celebrate success in business?

And because we’re in a good mood, we’ll let you pick 2. In the comments, tell us about the moment you really celebrated.

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