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Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelance services, has launched a subscription-based loyalty program for the Fiverr seller community worldwide.

The Seller Plus program enables freelancers to access a suite of benefits and advanced tools. Among the benefits is a personal success manager, faster payment clearance and growth program priority. Subscribers will also receive priority support, advanced analytics and customer engagement tools. They will also have access to educational content and exclusive events.

Fiverr Launches Seller Plus Loyalty Program

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a major shift to freelancing. In September 2020, around two million Americans had started freelancing in the previous 12 months, a study from Upwork showed.

The surge in freelancing services shows no sign of abating. Henceforth, freelancers need the right tools, resources and advice at their disposal to ensure they remain competitive and profitable.

Fiverr’s new Seller Plus platform is designed to help freelancers become more competitive and maintain success in an increasingly competitive environment.

Hila Klein, Fiverr’s COO, commented on the new Fiverr initiative: “For any freelancer who is motivated to build a successful business on Fiverr, Seller Plus is a must-have solution. As a two-sided marketplace, it’s important that we continue innovating and bringing to life new programs that not only support the businesses that use our platform, but also the freelancers that are already earning solid income on the marketplace and those that intend to.

“When we empower our freelancers with those tools, we help them provide better services to the buyers on our platform and in turn further strengthen the flywheel on our two-sided marketplace,” Klein added.

Evaluating the Health of Their Fiverr Business

Seller Plus provides freelancers with additional tools and data to enable them to evaluate the health of their Fiverr business more proficiently. One such feature is additional analytics, which enables subscribers to scrutinise the keywords in their listings to show where their orders are coming from. Freelancers are then able to change and tweak the keywords to help them reach their intended buyers with greater success.

Dedicated Success Manager Offering Personalized Advice

With a dedicated success manager, freelancers that subscribe to Seller Plus will be provided with personalized advice to help maximize their success as a seller on Fiverr. The dedicated success managers will also help freelancer prepare to be potentially included in Fiverr’s various growth programs, including Rising Talent, Fiverr Choice and Fiverr Pro.

Subscription to Seller Plus costs $29 per month. Fiverr freelancers can learn more abut the program and subscribe to it here.

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