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For those into DIY crafts and craft ideas to sell, a Cricut is one of the best crafting equipment available. It’s incredibly versatile and allows you to make all kinds of different crafts. If you’re looking for small craft business ideas and fun Cricut ideas that you could potentially sell, that’s what this article is here for. We’ll look at some of the best selling Cricut projects and different Cricut ideas that you can sell.

What is a Cricut?

Cricut machines have become immensely popular over the last few years. A Cricut maker is essentially a cutting machine that can cut all kinds of designs using a variety of materials. You can buy a Cricut maker in both small and large sizes and try out new types of crafts with a Cricut cutting machine.

What are the best Cricut Crafts to Sell?

There are many Cricut crafts to sell that you can create with the machine, including decorative items, wall art, and more. When thinking about profitable Cricut projects to sell, consider the cost of the materials, the time it takes to make the crafts, and what pricing is on the market currently for the products you’re thinking of.

What Business Can You Start with a Cricut Machine?

When it comes to profitable Cricut business projects to sell, it’s really about what interests you and what customers are looking for. Some Cricut project ideas include:

  1. Wall art: Create interesting and unique wall decor for homes as your craft business
  2. Trinket dishes: You can make and sell small dishes and plates to store trinkets and jewelry
  3. Floral decor: Your crafting business could focus on creating decorative flowers from different materials to sell online or at craft fairs.
  4. Jewelry: Many sellers are crafting unique jewelry items using Cricut designs and their own ideas
  5. Seasonal decor: Your crafting business could also focus on creating seasonal decor, including themes around the holiday season, and fun occasions throughout the yea

14 Cricut Craft Ideas to Sell

If you’re looking to start your own business or just make some extra money selling Cricut crafts, there are plenty of ways to get started! We’ll explore some great Cricut projects to sell that you can start working on with your Cricut cutting machine.

1. Farmhouse Wall Decor

Farmhouse decor has become increasingly popular, and you can choose from easy crafts to get started with, including art with witty sayings, fun designs, and more. You can sell your crafts online via Facebook marketplace, or through your own website.

2. Cricut Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

Toppers for cakes and cupcakes are a popular option year-round, and people are always looking for exciting and unique decorations. You can create cake decorations like toppers with a Cricut machine for children and adults.

3. Leather Earrings

Cricut is an amazing machine to use if you’re interested in creating and selling leather jewelry. For example, you can make large leather statement earrings with Cricut machines or create smaller, minimal everyday pieces.

4. Vinyl Decals

Many customers are looking for fun vinyl decals, and it’s a great way to start your Cricut business. You can create iron on vinyl decals using foil, gloss, matte and glitter, and other types of vinyl material.

5. Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are an interesting and very different type of decor that’s not always easy to find. You can use a Cricut cutting machine to make botanical art, including flowers and plants, to sell locally and online.

6. Canvas Wall Art

Wall decor is always a popular option with Cricut machines because they are easy to make, and you can add your unique touch to it. You can create wall decor with funny sayings, original designs, and more to sell.

7. Wedding Decor

Wedding decor is a year-round need for many brides seeking something authentic and unique for their big day. You can create wedding decor with Cricut machines like streamers, wall hangings, centerpieces, and more.

8. Wine Glasses

Another great Cricut project is to create wine glasses to sell. You can create wine glasses in various materials, and create year-round designs as well as seasonal ones. You can also create themed collections for the Christmas season with other products like holiday buckets to create a complete set.

9. Planner Stickers

People are always looking for fun and cute stickers to add to their planners, so why not use your Cricut machine to fulfill some of that demand? You can use a free font and free files for images to create planner stickers or your original designs.

10. Cricut Maker Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a unique gift item that aren’t easily found, so if you’re looking for something that isn’t too common in the market – this might be the way to go. You can create fun tags and brightly colored ones to make them easily identifiable.

11. Baby Onesies

Onesies make for great gifts, and you can use your Cricut cutting machine to create some to sell. You can create gender-specific baby onesies and gender-neutral designs to offer people a wide range of options for baby showers and other occasions.

12. Mason Jars

The bestselling Cricut crafts to sell tend to be home decor, mainly because there is a lot of opportunity to be versatile and offer a wide range of products. One of the best home decor Cricut maker crafts include mason jars. You can create different styles and designs, and offer the mason jars in both large and small sizes.

13. Jewelry Dishes

Jewelry and trinket dishes are small yet cute gift items that are always in demand year-round. Using a Cricut machine, you can create elegant dishes and keepsakes as a way to sell Cricut projects. you can even do special edition trinket dishes for the Christmas season and other holidays.

14. Wood Signs

Another great Cricut maker project is to create wooden signs for home decor. They make for great housewarming gifts, and you can also add personalization options to make it more special for recipients.

Start Selling Cricut Machine Crafts Today

If you’re looking for a business idea, you should definitely consider selling Cricut crafts. Take some time to experiment with all the functionalities the machine has, because there are quite a few things you can make and sell with it. We’ve looked at some of the best selling Cricut project ideas but there are definitely many more out there that you can use to build your own business. Happy crafting!

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