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Pretty much everyone loves candy. But not everyone wants to buy chocolate bars and fruit flavored treats from large manufacturers or the biggest candy companies in the world. In fact, there are plenty of independent candy brands making an impact on the candy industry. And many of them use marketplace sites like Etsy to make sales.

Browsing sites like Etsy can provide inspiration for aspiring candy makers. There are shops that sell lollipops molded into unique shapes, old fashioned confections, and specialty desserts like caramel nuts. In addition to looking at the products, browsing Etsy can help new brands think about everything from their name to a marketing and sales strategy.

Whenever you’re selling food products, you’ll need to come up with your own unique recipe, develop a unique marketing message, and create a sales and marketing strategy that works for your brand. But creating a successful confectionery company starts with a solid idea.

Candy Businesses on Etsy

Here are some of the top candy businesses on Etsy to help you get started.

Trystan Blake, Luxe Creations


Luxe Creations is a candy company that specializes in freeze dried products. They come in a wide array of flavors and are sold in bags of various sizes. Since shipping candy and keeping products fresh can be one of the major challenges, freeze drying is a popular method. And the products and packaging are colorful and eye catching to really draw in customers on the website.

Crystal Hart, Star’s Candy Factory


Star’s Candy Factory specializes in confections that are sparkly and glamorous. Candies include edible crystals, agate slices, and seaglass in various colors. These candies are Instagrammable and perfect to send as gifts. It’s also very different than anything being produced by large candy brands. This could make it one of the top candy companies in this specific niche.

Erlé LaBounty and Eliza La Rocca, Farmhouse Chocolates


Farmhouse Chocolates is a candy company that specializes in chocolate bars and other decadent treats. Confections are made with fair trade chocolate and include other luxurious ingredients like Vermont cream and Alaska pure sea salt. Since people who purchase chocolate from small candy companies are often willing to pay a bit more, making products stand out with these quality options can really make the experience worth the price.

Linnea DeRosia, Top of the Hill Sugarbush


Top of the Hill Sugarbush specializes in candies made with authentic Vermont maple. This type of candy company makes customers feel like they’re buying products from a local family farm, without having to travel to the Northeast. The shop also features other treats like pretzels, cookies, nuts, and party mix. But the majority are candies that fall into this specific niche that’s perfect for a small family business.

Mark and Bobbie Lavelle, Candy Molds N More


Nestled among the candy company ranks on Etsy are shops aimed at helping other companies create their own chocolates and similar items. Candy Molds N More features a number of designs that candy makers can use to create chocolate lollipops or similar products. Molds include hearts, frogs, Easter eggs, and even religious symbols. They even provide foil wrappers and flavoring oils so companies can get everything they need to make and sell their own chocolates.

Herman Brister, Sugarland Pecans

Sugarland Pecans offers old fashioned candies and treats made with pralines and pecans. The Louisiana based company uses fresh, local ingredients to stand out. This can be a perfect way for candy companies to distinguish themselves by integrating local delicacies. Customers who are from these areas or who love visiting are likely to be interested in revisiting their favorite flavors through candies and cookies.

Kristina Magana, I Want Candy US

I Want Candy US is full of unique lollipops. There’s gold, unicorns, hearts, lips, and even lollipops with special messages inside. The shop makes products that would be perfect as fun gifts or even favors for an event like a bachelorette party or baby shower. The photos also feature plenty of color and eye popping designs to make sure they stand out to shoppers browsing on the site.

Jackie Shanklin, Survivor Sweets N More

Survivor Sweets N More sells candies and cookies made by hand by a cancer survivor. The company offers products ranging from tack candy to candied almonds. Though the shop is full of delicious homemade desserts, the personal story and mission behind the website may be just as important. People love shopping with brands that have a real person behind them. So sharing some of your story may ultimately drive more people to purchase candies and confections from your shop.

Julie Danner, Julie’s Fudge & Gourmet Nummies

Julie’s Fudge & Gourmet Nummies sells — as the name suggests — handmade, gourmet fudge. But it’s not just chocolate flavored sweets in this shop. She offers a wide array of flavors like peanut butter, bubble gum, and cheesecake. This type of candy is often purchased from independent retailers. And it could make a perfect gift option. So providing a large list of options could help increase sales and attention for any company selling unique confections.

Amari Elliott, Green Ties Chocolate

Green Ties Chocolate is a candy company that sells chocolate bars and desserts. The chocolate bars are infused with foods like cookies and dried berries to add extra flavor and variety. The company has been a popular source for gifts and has a number of positive reviews. These candies tend to offer a high end option for those purchasing gifts or decadent sweets.

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